Courses on Astronomy and the Universe

Astronomy is one subject that interest everyone. No matter what exactly you do for a living, knowing about the origins of the cosmos will change your viewpoint on the world as you know it. Here are some important courses on astronomy that everyone should take:

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Introductory Courses on Astronomy:

1. Astronomy – State of the Art: This course is one of the highly-rated course, taught by teachers from Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona. This course covers everything a beginner has to know about astronomy and the cosmos — from telescopes to the origin of life. Level of this course is beginner.

2. Intro to Astronomy: According to this course from this Duke University, students will learn “quite literally, everything in the cosmos.” Level of this course is also beginner.

3. Astronomy: Discovering the Universe: In responding to queries about the Big Bang and black holes, this particular course will walk you through the numerous ways that humankind has tried to make sense of the cosmos and how our understanding of the universe has evolved over time.

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Astrophysics and Intermediate Astronomy:

4. Relativity and Astrophysics: This particular course will help you understanding ideas of space and time. This course from Cornell University explores Einstein’s theory of relativity and highlights features challenging aspects about the way our universe works.

5. Modern Astrophysics: Taught by MIT professors, this course uses Newtonian physics and quantum mechanics to study how stars and other heavenly bodies are made and interrelate with each other.

Dark Energy and Dark Matter:

6. The Discovery of the Higgs Boson: Physicists from the University of Edinburgh will help you discover the newest discovery in the world of particles: the Higgs Boson. Uniting physics, cosmology and astronomy, the professors aim to deliver “a new description of the cosmos.”

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7. From the Big Bang to Dark Energy: This course offers “surprising discoveries” that try to provide solution to the query of how matter was formed in the Big Bang, and its strange relationship with anti-matter.

Astrobiology and The Search for Other Life:

8. Astrobiology and The Search For Extraterrestial Life: The initial MOOC to walk around the age-old question: “Is there any life on other planets?” Merging fields of study like chemistry, biology and geosciences, this course inquires if the evolution of life is an “inevitable” and “common” procedure through our cosmos. Extremely rated by our users!

9. Alien Worlds: The Science of Exoplanet Discovery and Exploration: So, How do we know that there are more planets outside our solar system? How can we detect them? This course delivers an overview of the methods used to identify these planets, and how scientists conclude their size, mass and atmosphere.

10. Origins — Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life: In this particular course, scientists from Denmark will help you in exploring the early universe, before stars, planets, galaxies, or even time came into existence. Focus in this course is given to the birth of our planet and how it has grown since.

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Do you think these free courses on astronomy and the Universe will help you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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