Malicious Text Message Malware Can Erase Everything In Your Android Phone

Wondering what’s the must have apps for your Android phone? We are sure you are spoilt for choice! There is a good number of apps available in Google play store and it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for games or communication apps. Some of them are great augmented reality apps too that you just cannot miss out on.

The Top 3 Android Apps You Just Cannot Miss Out On!

While we are sure you would have a good many of them on your phone, choosing the best is often a challenge. Don’t worry – we have done all the hard work to give you three Android apps that you just cannot miss out on today!

1. Google Assistant

This one’s an artificial personal assistant from Google’s bucket to guide you through all your needs. You can use it to communicate, navigate, set reminders, make calls, click selfies, receive weather and news updates on daily basis as per requirement. A lot of things can be done with this powerful app. In your busy schedule when time is super precious, Google assistant is a must in any smartphone.

It’s easy to install; just download it from Google play and enable it. Another option of using this app is to simply click on Google and say, "Ok Google."

2. Driving detective

Driving responsibly is a not only a responsibility to yourself but also towards the other traffic participants. It is never ever advisable to use mobiles while driving. Many countries also impose heavy fine on the drivers if they are caught talking over phone during driving. This app will resolve all your problems. Notification can cause distractions, so by silencing the notifications it ensures a peaceful driving experience. Driving Detective detects if you are in a moving vehicle and switches on the Do Not Disturb mode. Once you stop the vehicle for 15 minutes or walk a few steps away from the car, mobile will again resume normal functionality.

The best feature of driving detective is that you can customize the settings of this app according to your requirement and with ease.

3. Office App: WPS Office +PDF

Get your office on the go with this is small mobile app. It is a compact and free office suite from Android. It encompasses all the office processor functions like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is also compatible with Adobe PDF, Memo, Docs Scanner and Google Doc. To add on to it, Office Apps comes with a free PDF convertor which supports bookmark and annotations also.

Since all the documents are stored in cloud, it is absolutely independent of any specific device. You can access it from anywhere and any system.

To make your life simpler, it allows you to edit and share your documents, be it a word, excel, ppt or any other office application. In fact sharing documents couldn’t have been easier; you can send document via Messaging, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter.

With the numerous apps releasing every day, it is tough to keep the list constant. The above apps seized our attention from their usage and simplicity.


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