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On September 28th, Amazon revealed its fall product line ahead of the holiday season. It’s the latest string of announcements the company has made, such as announcing an updated model of its Kindle Paperwhite and a new flagship Fire TV Stick.

Over the years, Amazon has launched dozens of gadgets and moved into several industries, and the company’s profits have soared as a result, particularly in 2020, in which annual revenue jumped nearly 40% to $386 billion. Yet despite Amazon’s ability to transition into other fields, the company has struggled to make its mark in one industry — video games. That said, after Amazon’s latest announcement, it looks like the company’s fate could be changing.

Follow The Leader

Since the beginning, Amazon has followed industry trends and tried to capitalise on them. We saw this with the company’s launch of Prime Video, which coincided with the streaming industry gaining attention. Amazon has tried to do something similar in the gaming industry, which, in 2019, Bloomberg reported revenue had tripled since 2000, increasing from $50 billion to over $120 billion per year. This concept isn’t unique to just Amazon, with many platforms considering gaming streaming platforms as a potential model for revenue, such as with Stadia, online casinos and Amazon’s offering, Luna.

Amazon Luna cloud gaming service

That growth continued in 2020, with several niches within the gaming industry seeing traction, including the video game sector, which saw the launch of the next generation of video game consoles, such as the PlayStation 5. The online gaming sector also grew and generated roughly $21.1 billion in revenue due to the growing interest in wider entertainment platforms like online casinos. Today, there are many exciting sectors within the gaming industry. For instance, eSports, which utilises digital signage technologies, and as mentioned, online gambling, which, despite being around for 20 years, has attracted thousands of new players recently.

Much of this attraction is due to the inclusion of live technologies and platforms like LeoVegas India, which accepts players from the UK and Canada, offering sign up and no deposit bonuses. As this review shows, these sites offer a vast library of titles on their platform, beyond the usual suspects of roulette and blackjack. A notable highlight is the availability of slot titles, many of which have different themes and mechanics in quantity. Interestingly, the gaming industry’s success has not trickled down to Amazon, despite the company’s efforts over the years, which includes purchasing Twitch. 

Hard Work Pays Off

Since the 2010s, Amazon has been trying to gain purchase as a video game producer, but it has never reached its full potential. In fact, in 2020, Amazon pulled its first video game a few months after its launch. The company cited poor reception from gamers, and many thought the failure of “Crucible” would mark Amazon’s exit from the gaming world. Time passed, and it appeared that was the case, with Amazon going back to what it does best: selling gadgets. However, it seems outsiders were only partially correct. Amazon is back wowing the public with its new products, but it has also been made clear that the company is still eyeing the gaming industry.

On September 28th, Amazon released its new computer game “New World.” On the day of the launch, New World peaked at over 700,000 concurrent players. “We’re enthused by player interest in the game, but we didn’t have anywhere near this strong an indication from pre-orders or beta,” said Amazon Games head Rich Lawrence. New World is a multiplayer online game that lets players explore a virtual colony. Throughout the game, characters level up weapon and trade skills, as well as personal attribute skills.

Amazon has strived for success in the gaming industry for years. Regardless of whether user interest in New World tapers off, this early momentum demonstrates Amazon always had the potential to break into the gaming industry.


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