Android virtual reality games

Virtual reality was once thought of as a cool futuristic idea that would never come to be, but as the years pass by and technology gets increasingly powerful and complex, virtual reality is becoming more and more reasonable. There are virtual game consoles out today, and smartphone owners are even able to experience some virtual reality games by harnessing the power of their little devices. Android users have some of the best virtual reality game options to choose from, making it easy for them to pick out a fun experience to test out.

Mekorama VR

Mekorama is a blast and a serious challenge for puzzle fans looking for a fun VR experience. It challenges you to move around a set of blocks to help the little robot make it from one side of the level to the other. When playing this game in VR you are up close and personal with the level and you can effectively look all around the puzzle as you decide how you should modify it for success. It becomes very difficult over time and will really push puzzlers to the limit as they try to beat every level.

Gunjack 2: End of Shift

This space-themed VR game puts you into an immersive solar system as a fighting mercenary. It’s your mission to protect the Kubera mining platform from pirates that want to steal the minerals. You’ll be sitting on top of a cannon and blasting away ships and other enemies that come flying toward you. The game is highly immersive and it makes the most of its somewhat cartoony graphics to create a smooth and very enjoyable VR experience.


If you’ve ever wanted to harness magic for yourself and wield its power as a dark sorcerer that’s exactly what you can do in the game Wands. It’s designed for the Gear VR and it gives you the ability to battle other players. You’ll have to go through training, locate more powerful spells and use all your abilities to overcome your foes in this 1880’s version of London.

Hidden Temple VR Adventure

Go on a beautiful point-and-click temple adventure through this well-done game. It looks really nice, gives you plenty of environments to explore through and is a cool puzzle game all in one. It’s perfect for puzzlers, adventurers and anyone wanting a solid game to test VR out with.

Need for Speed: No Limits VR

This is one of the most expensive VR titles on this list, but it gives you the chance to hop into the cab or a sports car and burn rubber away from police cars in high speed chases and serious races. The game is an exclusive for Google Daydream, and it’s designed to run smoothly while offering a very immersive experience to players. Enjoy smooth steering and exciting racing graphics along the way.

With handheld devices gaining in power they’re becoming the favorite way for gamers to try out new experiences online.

Also when it comes to casinos, software developers are looking at virtual reality and augmented reality as the new frontier where players can walk around a virtual casino, or enjoy augmented reality gambling in their homes. Significant developments have already taken place in online gambling, with fully integrated software allowing players to set up their own tournaments at online poker rooms, invite their own players, and compete for real-money prizes. Many gamblers are enjoying online slots, and serious gamers are picking up more powerful smartphones just for VR games that are being released.


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