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Basic Ubuntu commands and Terminal shortcuts

40 Basic Ubuntu Commands And Terminal Shortcuts Every Beginner Must Know

If you are a Ubuntu newbie, then this post about basic Ubuntu commands is going to help you to get familiar with the Terminal emulator.As we all know, Ubuntu is one of the most...
Working Day for Ethical Hackers

What is a Typical Working Day for Ethical Hackers?

Have you ever wondered how does an ethical hacker’s job look like? Well, it is more of the all-time access to networks and systems and ensuring security measures for the organizations that they work...
IPv4 vs IPv6 explained

IPv4 vs IPv6: What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6

Every internet user must have come across these two terminologies — IPv4 and IPv6.What do they mean? How they differ from each other? Which one is better ? — Most of us have these...
Computer RAM

DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 RAM memory: What are their differences?

Since the introduction of RAM in DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module) format, there are many types of memory that have been on the market, but since 2000 it is DDR RAM that has prevailed...
A-Z Kali Linux Commands

A-Z Kali Linux Commands — Also Included Kali Commands PDF

If you are new to Kali Linux world, check out the list of all available Kali Linux commands for both newbies and advance users to ease up with Terminal.Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux...
A-Z List Of Windows CMD Commands -Also Included CMD Commands PDF

A-Z List Of Windows CMD Commands — Also Included CMD Commands PDF

Here is the list of all Windows CMD commands sorted alphabetically along with exclusive CMD commands pdf file for future reference for both pro and newbies.Command Prompt and CMD Commands are unknown territories for...
Everything Aout Proxy

What Is Proxy: How It Is Used To Enhance Security, Improve Privacy, Bypass Filters...

A proxy is a server that operates as a gateway between the user and the internet. Proxies are used to strengthen security, increase privacy, bypass filters and censorship, and speed up web access through...
Simple Hacks To Save Battery Life In Android Smartphones

15 Ways To Save Battery Life On Android Smartphones In 2023

Are you struggling to save battery life on Android devices?All of us hate frequent charging. Battery backup always matters now when we plan to buy our new smartphone.Lots of Android smartphones are out there...