router is still getting security updates

It can be recalled that security researchers from Fortinet recently found some security flaws in some D-Link routers. D-Link no longer manufactures some of these routers that are being sold online and have not revealed any plans to patch them. Therefore, buyers must find ways to check if any router they buy is still being supported.

The importance of router firmware updates

It’s a no brainer that your wireless router is mostly the device that connects you to the internet. The router also acts as a firewall that protects all your network devices from incoming traffic and this is made possible by Network Address Translation (NAT).

It must be noted that security holes in routers can result in their susceptibility to malware and addition to a botnet. Therefore, you must adopt the security tip of disabling remote access to your router.

This ensures that the router’s administrative interface is protected from the internet. This step alone is not enough. You must do well to download and install the latest security updates as not all routers are designed to automatically install security updates.

Why do manufacturers lag behind with security updates?

You must ensure that your router’s security updates are always available as a security hole can be found by criminal hackers who might want to infect it and make it part of a botnet.

Manufacturers usually come up with different models of routers and this makes it difficult to patch them because they run on different firmware. Others usually cut corners in their bid to beat competitors and offer affordable products to customers. These are some of the reasons why they hardly patch their products.

How to know if your router is still supported

You can only be sure of this by checking the website of the router manufacturer. You must take a careful look at your router and take note of its manufacturer and model number so you can check if it’s available on an end-of-life list.

  • Apple’s AirPort base station seems to be supported with firmware updates although it’s no longer been produced.
  • Asus’ end of life product list on its website states that the firmware will not be updated once the end of life is reached.
  • Cisco features a variety of end of life and end of sale products on its website.
  • D-Link’s website comprises its official list of legacy products. Routers on this list won’t receive any security updates.

You can proceed to the website of your router manufacturer if it’s not listed above and check if the particular brand and model are still being supported. You can also browse for the official support page for the model of your router and check if information about support is available.

If you discover that your router is no longer being supported, then the wise decision would be to replace it. Go for a new router and have guaranteed access to light speed Wi-Fi alongside a more reliable connection with added security benefits.

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