This Chinese High-Tech Spy Drone Can Bombard Targets For Days Before Refuelling

Chinese military showcased “world’s most powerful” unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), that can fly longer than other drones and can bomb targets relentlessly for up to two days before refuelling.

The spy drone — codenamed CH-5 — has been revealed at the International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, China, as the nation further displays its military prowess.

According to the reports the aircraft can fly further and longer than other drones, including an ability to conduct bombing for up to two days with a flight range of 20,000km.

The spy drone has been presented primarily as a hunter/killer – meaning it can find its own targets and take them out with minimal support. And interestingly payload can include everything from smart bombs to electrical warfare tech such as radar jammers. Giving the enemy nowhere to hide.

Older models of the super weapon have already been used to wipe out ISIS and Boko Haram soldiers. But the newest model differs from its predecessors with its extended range and long endurance, meaning its perfect for gathering vital intel and scouting out threats before an enemy attack.

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