Finally Chrome will consume less RAM from its December update

Google Chromeking of browsers, favourite of millions, may be only major discussed drawback is its consumption of RAM.

Yes, we know Chrome is damn RAM eater. Each time when they release a new update I always hopes a fix for this problem. And finally its going to happen — yea, Google Chrome is going to consume less RAM.

According to reports on its December update Chromium team is going to implement a new technology that is going to cut down memory use of Chrome in half.

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So what’s the new technology that is going to help Chrome to consume less RAM ?

Actually Google is going to include a new JavaScript engine in Chrome 55 — which Google says its test sites — including the New York Times, Reddit and YouTube used only 50 percent less RAM on average than Chrome 53.

So, if Chrome uses 100 megabytes of your RAM now, it’ll use 50 when you install the update.

So with this new update you can keep more open tabs and run more apps without slowing down your computer as much. It also means you don’t need to worry as much about closing Chrome tabs or quitting apps.

If your desktop is already powered with a lot of memory,you probably not going to notice the imapct of the update. If you are using a mobile device with less RAM or have opened up too many tabs, you’ll be happy to notice the reduced load.

When its coming ? — Google is planning to out final version of this update on December 6th and if you can’t wait, then you can also try beta version, but don’t forget that you’re running pre-release software that might include bugs.

Chromium team is also hoping to release more update that will Chrome to consume less RAM in the future, specifically focusing on low-end devices with less than 1 GB of memory.

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