Correlation Between Gambling and Video Games

The link or better said the connection between gaming and gambling is high and common. In fact, this is more common than you may believe. This is possible thanks to certain elements which will be discussed below. We are going to explain the correlation and help you understand it more and also what you should do about it. It would be an interesting journey.

Social Casinos

When we are talking about the correlation between gambling and gaming we must mention social casinos. These are a complete mixture between the two things. For instance, you will play games for free and you can do it at any given moment. It is not considered gambling. But, you can play these games for real money as well. In a nutshell, a player has to buy tokens or coins in order to play a game. This is the same as when investing real money for online gambling or gambling in the real world. Keep in mind that in social casinos you cannot win real money. You can win coins that can be used for further gaming/gambling. 

These casinos have been extremely popular. Some claim that they are just for fun and they have been a harmless form of entertainment for years. This depends on how you look at the matter. All we can say is that social casinos look more like online casinos than anything else out there. You have a lot of the same elements and ingredients. 

The games you can play at social casinos are basically slots or simple table games. These come in all kinds of options, variations and etc. They are based on actual casino games and they work in the same way. These are versatile and offer you countless possibilities. 

Built-in Gambling Games

This is an interesting option and the one you will probably like. There was a study conducted in the United Kingdom whereof 1100 participants 18.5% claimed that they have gambled or gamed in some form. Most of them stated that they used social casinos or actual casinos. This simply means that gaming and gambling are more common than you may believe.

Anyway, built-in gambling games are common in video games. Many players play those games because they are like many UK casinos without verification procedure and accept UK players, you just enter and do what you want. Some examples include GTA, Sims, and many more. In these games you can have an actual online casino such is the case with the latest GTA. There you can go, play all kinds of games and enjoy. You can invest real money and get coins for the game and use them in the actual video game. 

Many people don’t pay a lot of attention to these facts. But, if you take a deep look you will see that the games based on gambling are more common than ever before and they come in all flavours. Slots are the most common games here but players can still play table games such as roulette, blackjack, and more. All of these do exist and they allow you to gamble without any limits. 

This is actually one of the biggest and the most common links between gambling and gaming. Video games that come with gambling games are extremely popular and versatile. Gamers can play all kinds of games on a daily basis and they can enjoy on any device they like. But, this is not considered gambling and some even claim that the two don’t have any links to explain. 

Regulations Are Needed

Now when we know all of the things here and the aforementioned study we must add those additional regulations are needed. What this means is that regulations for video games that come with gambling options and also social casinos should be regulated. Some studies say that it is possible to start gambling after video games. At the moment these do not have any links with UKGC, GamStop, or similar platforms. In a nutshell, all people can play these and win or lose. It is considered gaming and as such it is harmless.

In reality, this is just another option gamblers have. Some who have gambling issues can play these games and still lose. On the other hand, winning real money is not possible hence many of us don’t understand the purpose or claim that this is the worst form of gambling out there. You already know that in real gambling you can win big amounts of money by playing some of the best casino games. 

The regulations should help people and decrease the risk of gambling addiction or similar issues. These are something that already has a huge impact on online and real-world gambling and are heavily controlled and regulated. Implementing these into the gambling/gaming games may be the best thing to go for. 

The Final Word

Gambling and gaming technologies are more connected than you may believe. You have social casinos which are almost the same casinos as the ones where you can invest and win (except you cannot win real money) and many video games offer gambling games. There is no way around it, but these options should be more controlled and there must be more options and help available for users all the time. 


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