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Bitcoin was introduced as the first cryptocurrency in 2009 and no one knew that it would be an important game-changer for many industries. Every person who knows a little about digital payment options must be aware of cryptocurrency. It has not yet found acceptance among the general public but many business sectors have already incorporated this option. There are many advantages of this digital currency you should also know about its cons before you bet a large amount at no deposit bingo at online platforms.

Advantages for the Online Players

Security and Anonymity

If you want to deposit with crypto at the online casino, you don’t have to enter anything other than the wallet address. Access is made possible via a QR code scanner, which is anonymous and secure in every respect. It uses blockchain technology that makes sure that every transaction carries out here is safe and hack-proof. They also hide the identity of the players thus, increasing their privacy even more. Basically, when paying with cryptocurrencies, players do not have to enter any personal or bank details and thus have the option of keeping their identity anonymous.

Transaction Fees

The transfer from a bank account or a credit card is usually associated with high fees, including monthly usage fees, which can amount to five to ten percent of the deposit amount. In addition, many online casinos are located in other countries, which means that additional transaction fees may apply. When playing with crypto, the fees for transferring funds are so low that they can basically be neglected. The popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin charge 1-2 percent and some 4-5% on a transaction amount which is very lower than other payment options.

Disadvantages for the Online Players

The fluctuations in the price of the crypto provider may always remain an issue for the users. But it has made it very clear that the possible price fluctuations do not have any influence on the credit account in the online casino, and the market value can already have made a significant jump in the event of profit distribution. But there are still some things that need to be noted by the payers.

Errors Cannot Be Corrected

The advantage of no central authority controlling cryptocurrencies means fees are low and transactions are anonymous. However, it is hardly possible to cancel misdirected transfers. The high level of privacy protection in line with the encryption of the cryptocurrencies makes it almost impossible to fix errors. If you enter the wrong crypto wallet address when transferring money, you could send the money to someone else and there is no way to claim the amount back.

No Government Surveillance

For many, this is both an advantage and a disadvantage, but it is a fact that there is a little legal oversight when it comes to cryptocurrencies. In the unimaginable event that someone manages to hack the crypto wallet and steal money, there is no legal institution that will deal with the case.


Most of the online gamers are aware of the benefits of using crypto outweigh the drawbacks. Cryptocurrencies represent the future of online digital payments and are something that everyone will be using in a few years. To be there early, even if it’s just a matter of playing a few rounds of online roulette or spinning your favorite slots, helps to gain experience. If you want to venture into online casinos that offer cryptocurrencies, you can try it at some trusted online casinos but you need to consider some important things while choosing the one.


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