DepositPhotos Review

DepositPhotos provides users with an organized library of royalty free images and videos. These high-quality images can be incorporated into articles, blogs, presentations, etc., thus making the user’s creation attractive and interesting. Moreover, the user does not have to worry about the underlying rights to the images as opposed to directly downloading and using images from Google. Thus DepositPhotos serves users to undertake a professional yet uncomplicated approach to design their articles and presentations.


DepositPhotos is a well-established stock photo company which provides an online platform for bringing together the authors of licensed exceptional images and the enthusiastic buyers of such images. Originally established in November 2009 by Dmitry Sergeev in Kiev, Ukraine, its headquarters was later shifted to the Florida, United States. Over the past decade, this stock-photography agency has bloomed and blossomed with the help of talented photographers, illustrators and professionals and appreciative patrons of the photographs. Presently, DepositPhotos has several international offices and provides customers with support in 20 languages.


DepositPhotos has a diverse collection of photographs that

#1. Images: DepositPhotos collects photographs from talented professionals on a royalty-free basis, thus providing a large library of high-quality royalty-free stock photos pertaining to various genres. Their collection is useful for any user, who requires high-quality photos at affordable prices and less time in hand.

DepositPhotos Review

#2. Vectors: The site consists of a large reservoir of scalable graphics and illustrations created by professional graphic editors. Stock vectors consist of icons, logos, and pictures, which are classified into categories as per consumer demand and are delivered in several formats such as PSD, EPS, SVG.

DepositPhotos Review

#3. Editorial: The site provides a wide range of latest stock images, comprising photos of people, events, landmarks or other symbols specifically categorized for commercial and editorial purposes. This section of images is aimed at journalists, editors, bloggers, and website owners.

DepositPhotos Review

#4. Videos: Over 2.5 million video clips are categorized under suitable labels and according to popular demand in DepositPhotos. These are around 60 seconds each and available mostly for commercial uses or advertisement requirements in in formats, such as SD, HD and Ultra HD.

DepositPhotos Review

#5. Other features:

  • Ease of access: DepositPhotos allow easy contribution as well as purchases. They complete the processes of uploading, submitting, getting approval and payment transactions to contributors very quickly. Buyers also can purchase the services of their choice in no time at all.
  • Moreover, Depositphotos does not exclusively focus on microstock, which implies that contributors are able to sell their creations on other websites as well.
  • DepositPhotos provides the user options to create and manage sub-accounts for his team.
  • High-resolution free photographs can be downloaded without any watermark.
  • Customer Support: They have high-priority customer service and frequently offer attractive discounts, bonus offers, free giveaways, and coupons, along with many other perks for users.


Since DepositPhotos provides a platform for both sellers and buyers of photographs, the software is engineered for easy access by users. Moreover, its active customer support helps every user reach what they desire in an effortless and less time-consuming manner.

  1. Contributor at DepositPhotos: Contributors can sell their images and creations through subscription and single-order credit plans. In the first step, the user has to register with Depositphotos to create his account. Thereafter, by uploading some of his best photos as a part of the initiation test, he has to await approval from the DepositPhotos team. The approval is quick and after that, the user becomes a full-fledged contributor to the website and can upload images according to his will.
  2. The customer at DepositPhotos: DepositPhotos provides customers with a wide range of stock photos, vectors, editorials, and videos at affordable prices using user-friendly buying options. To become a steady buyer, the user has to sign up for a free membership account, then subscribe to a payment plan to download both paid and unpaid photos, vectors and videos, after which the user can simply enjoy the benefit of the lucrative photos, videos, and editorials.


DepositPhotos furnishes separate plans for images (photos and vectors) and Videos with the perception of profiting through bulk buyers and more membership rates.

Price Structure for Photos and Vectors:

DepositPhotos Review
  1. Flexible Plan: For this, you can make a monthly payment of $9.99 or save 20% by paying $99 on a yearly basis. This plan allows downloading 10 high-resolution photos and vectors every month, with unused downloads added up for the upcoming month’s provision. On using up the monthly provision, $1 additional charge has to be paid per extra image.
  2. Subscription Plan: This plan requires monthly fees of $69, $99 and $199 for acquiring 75, 150 and 750 images (of any size) per month respectively. The same subscription, if paid for annually requires $699 for 75 images per month, $999 for 150 monthly images and $1999 for 750 images every month.
  3. On Demand Plan: The standard license ensures 10 images at $49, 25 images at $99 and 100 images at $299. These images can be used anytime within the duration of one year. For the Extended license, $89 must be paid for 1 image, $359 for 5 images and $1599 for 25 images.

Using these plans, the user can get complete access to the DepositPhotos Library for an entire year, can download photos and vectors of all sizes in formats like JPG, AI and EPS. In the first two plans, the images are sold entirely under the standard license that provides options for printing and merchandising, advertising and digital use, along with unlimited time rights to images with printing rights till 500,000 copies. The On Demand plan is available under both Standard and Extended license (in which the user is able to print over 500,000 images with some additional charges).

Price Structure for Videos:

DepositPhotos Review
  1. Standard Definition: The pay structure for 240p videos includes $19 for 1 video, $69 for 5 videos, $319 for 25 videos, whereas for 480p videos, 1 video costs $39, 5 videos $139 and 25 videos $649. To purchase any number of videos, $13.80 and $27.80 can be paid for each video of 240p and 480p qualities respectively.
  2. High Definition: This plan comprises 3 plans for 720p videos of quantities 1, 5 and 25, for which you have to pay $59, $239 and $1149 respectively, while in the 1080p HD plan, the value for pack of 1, pack of 5, and pack of 10 videos are corresponding $69,$289 and $1399. However, to purchase individual videos, the cost for each 720p video is $47.89 and $57.80 per 1080p video.
  3. Ultra-high Definition: This plan provides 4K videos at a rate of $145.80. It also has similar package plans like the previous plans, priced at $169 (for 1 video), $729 (for 5) and $3499 (for 25).

For all plans, the video downloads are available throughout one year after purchase.

Depositphotos has consistently been among the foremost global stock photography websites since its foundation, providing users with an active online market for high-quality royalty-free images, comprehensive information, and bonus services.

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