5 Essential Apps for Improving Academic Writing

One of the biggest obstacles facing students today is the ability to write acceptable essays and term papers. Good writing is not something that happens; it is learned and developed over time. Students who make an effort to get better at it tend to be more successful both inside and outside the classroom.

The fact of the matter is that learning how to communicate via the written word is an essential life skill. Still, far too few people manage to develop that skill while they are still students. There are many websites where one can find a freelancer available offering their services as an essay writer, for example this, if things get too stressful. Their advice and corrections provide the student with a good example that they themselves can later on mimic and use. Being able to communicate well in writing will prove advantageous later in life, especially in areas like essays for grad school admission or cover letters to potential employers.

Today, we would like to introduce you to a few mobile apps that can help improve your overall writing skills and ensure quality in your very next academic writing assignment. Can the grades on your papers use a boost? If so, keep reading. These five apps can help make that happen.

1: Dictionary.com and Concise Oxford Thesaurus

Since these two go together so well, we’ll look at them as a single unit. One of the key advantages of both is that they not only help ensure the right words are used in the right contexts, they can also help expand the writer’s vocabulary by suggesting synonyms that might otherwise have been overlooked.

There are some dictionary and thesaurus apps out there, but the above two are by far the best. Not sure what a word means? Use the dictionary. Do the same words seem to get used over and over in one paragraph? Check the thesaurus for synonyms. The less repetitive and more deliberate the language in a college paper is, the better. Make the paper easy for the professor to read, the better the chances it will net a higher mark.

Download Dictionary.com for Android here. Download Concise Oxford Thesaurus for Android here.

2: OpenOffice

One of the most powerful mobile writing apps available, Open Office offers some of the most useful features of more expensive, premium writing apps without the price tag. This is great news for any college term paper or essay writer looking for a reliable app for compiling and saving notes and drafts on the fly. OpenOffice has always been free and newer versions can sync with various cloud drives.

3: Outliner

Looking for an app that will help organize a research essay outline? This simple outline generator walks users through the process of creating coherent outlines for an academic paper. It also allows the user to select different outline formats, so the result is always in compliance with class-specific guidelines for paper submissions. Check out all the features and download the app here.

4: EasyBib

EasyBib takes all your works cited information and organizes it into perfectly-formatted bibliographic information for works cited and bibliography pages for an academic paper. It can automatically format for MLA or Turabian and can also be customized to meet specific citation requirements.

5: ProofreadBot

Ever look at a paragraph (or an entire essay or paper in general) and wish you knew a way to convey the messaging just a little better? That is precisely what ProofreadBot delivers. The app highlights and flags errors and ambiguities in grammar, syntax, and sentence structure along with other issues that could negatively impact your grade. It suggests ways to fix those problems and teaches aspiring writers how to express themselves better with the written word in the process.

This is just a sampling of the vast number of great apps that can help students become better writers. Check out this page for even more recommendations. We hope that using the five apps featured above will assist you in increasing your writing ability as well as your grades on future papers and essays.

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