The Evolving Technology Of Background Checks

The impact of technology is felt everywhere, so the fact that it has revolutionized background checks is hardly a surprise. The speed, at which these can be carried out is among technology’s most significant impacts. In the not too distant past, small businesses and individuals were not able to run even the most basic background screenings because of how expensive and time-consuming they were.

With technology like that used by Checkpeople, you can get a downloadable background check report in less than a minute regardless of whom you’re running it on. We’ll discuss how background check technology is evolving and what improvements it has brought about. We’ll also address common concerns.

Predictive Technology

The basic idea of this application is that a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence can predict future behavior accurately based on someone’s background information. The software identifies the potential of dangerous behavior and its possible impact on the company and workplace.

There has been some pushback to predictive technology due to bias and accuracy-related concerns. Despite that, it can be an effective tool to alert an employer to potential risks.

Evolving technology offers access to vast data repositories. For example, HR technology helps departments comb “negative” databases when running criminal history screenings. This helps companies select employees exclusively with clean records.

Background check technology also helps automate the recruitment and hiring process. Job applicants fill an electronic form on the company website and their data is populated in the applicant screening platform automatically. Then, HR only needs to look at the ongoing verification status. Results are delivered easily and conveniently.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and AI are other important development in background screenings. Advanced algorithms have the capacity to scan a much greater dataset than before. They can detect and trace connections to put together a cohesive screening report from sources not only nationwide but also worldwide. The implications of this are staggering. While AI recognizes patterns and trends, machine learning helps the algorithm absorb and acquire new and important information.

The software takes these huge data volumes, enters them into set data points, and generates intuitive, comprehensive reports.

AI helps eliminate people-oriented research from background checks, letting users determine how to format and use the information rather than comb through endless numbers of databases in the quest for it. It helps improve work environments by augmenting the quality of hires and freeing up time and resources for recruiters to be active in other areas.

Continuous Monitoring

People’s circumstances change over time. With that, so does their background information. Today, there are lots of background check tools that apply this type of monitoring to alert an employer to changes and developments.

Different types of software are used to carry out these actions. While continuous monitoring can be prudent and is reasonable, there are concerns about employers who constantly check divorce, marriage, and other important life events invading their staff’s privacy.

Technology can Only Move Forward

As some technologies become obsolete, others move forward. Yet, the privacy argument is anything but unexpected. We must draw the line somewhere, even when we have nothing to hide. Your boss may not need to know that you just got divorced or purchased a firearm.

The Bottom Line  

Technology that enables background screening with little human intervention and effort is a cost- and time-saving convenience. Background screening is an effective risk mitigator in terms of preventing negligent hiring claims, offering personal safety, or ensuring you find the best possible person to take care of your kids or elderly parents. All tools have the potential to be misused, but background check technology that gives everyone access to reliable and accurate information is an entirely positive development.

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