Why do you need external content marketing?

The main objection: If we are creating content and spending time money into the Article then why we give it to others?

On the one hand, it is logical: the article will belong to another resource, therefore, to develop it. A page with your precious content will give search traffic, improve behavioral factors and ultimately lead to higher prices for ads on this site.

At the same time, you do not have access to web analytics systems, you cannot put links to goods and services in the text of the article, even tags are not always available. Moreover, the editors may send edits or refuse publication at all. Given the advice on additional paid promotion of external articles, the question arises: “Why be so tormented?”

Here is the answer:

  • Increased coverage, increased recognition. If everything is done right, publications will capture the attention of new audiences – those who are not yet familiar with the company and have never been to your site. Additional coverage is especially needed for those areas of business where demand is poorly formed.
  • Increased engagement. Visitors read → are interested in the brand → go to the site and subscribe to social networks. So close to sales.
  • Improving SEO performance. Buying links on questionable sites through exchanges is already a thing of the past, and from good sites – targeted warm traffic + quality backlinks.
  • Proof of expertise, growing reputation. Manuals, checklists, studies, case studies with numbers and useful tips based on personal experience are interesting to both potential customers and competitors.
  • Increase loyalty. Work in this direction is necessary if the business is aimed at a long-term relationship with customers. Loyalty and trust are crucial when the average check (AOV) is less than the cost of customer acquisition (CAC). In this case, retargeting and mailing is not a panacea.

Who Should Use External Content Marketing?

One of the possible scenarios for business: there is a blog, there is a team, but there is still not enough traffic to the site to achieve goals. Here it’s time to call for external content marketing. If we are talking about a startup, this way you can quickly get feedback from colleagues and CA.

In addition, external content marketing does not interfere with the development of the internal one. It’s nothing bad that will happen if two weeks later re-publish an external article on your blog with an active link.

At the same time, not only large players but also freelancers can engage in external content marketing. It is not always advisable for digital self-employed professionals to maintain their own website for their personal brand. Cooperation offers can be received through periodic posting on industry portals and communication in the comments. To Know more and wants to avail of the benefits of core content marketing strategies it is recommended to consult any good inbound marketing book or consult the experts.

Bhasker Dev
Bhasker Dev
Bhasker is our SEO Analyst and manages whole promotion. He is responsible for our website's visibility in all online social platform and search engines. He is also a freelance content creator who posts articles related to cybersecurity.


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