How to Find sites for getting Links in 10 Minutes

How to Find sites for getting Links in 10 Minutes

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How to Search for Trust Topic Websites to get site referrals in 10 minutes. According to there is a number of ways to create a database of sites to promote your website, but today we will focus on top websites to get referrals fast as a part of your own SEO company website project.

  1. Instruction to Get Data
  • Top Sites

Top sites

  • Select country


  • Choose category


  • Make selection from websites according to needed topic


  • Select by topic
  • Get data from selected topics
  • Copy data to Excel


In fact, this type of data gathering will take up to 10 minutes. After that you will move on to more important and complicated process – getting in contact with potential referrals.

  1. General Criteria of Online Traffic

As you can see, it is vital to use other important criteria such as:

  • Traffic increase according to SemRush
  • MR, MT
  • CF, TF
  • Alexa
  • AR

In this case, the most crucial criterion is website traffic. Majority of the sites that will come up are the leaders in the selected niche. Having received their link, you will substantially contribute to your website’s traffic increase fast.

But there is a problem!

  • Your competitors will not be willing to put a link to your website whichever content good or bad you may have on your website or you have done for them
  • It is extremely difficult to come to an agreement and you have to know how to do that to get their link
  • As a result: You are NOT guaranteed to have good results!

That’s why in some cases, it is easier to do a PBN net, add comments, put a number of different articles and then you will get the top positions. Here is an example.


This is a working scheme. But there are substantial benefits such as:

  1. getting links from top online sources is a long-term strategy
  2. aside from most-wanted links, you will get both traffic and client auditory interested in your online resource
  3. works fast

As a result, you will get marketing content that will positively influence SEO of your website.

  1. What should you do with that?

Now it is time to work on the preliminary contract that you made with top sites that you are trying to get links from.

  • Get a separate email to complete the project: a) make sure to get email with domain name; b) it will be answered faster.
  • Teach a person to view the progress – the out-reach employee.
  • Get in touch with website owners, bloggers, and representatives of other web sources.
  • Make a deal with them to: a) list of sites where you wish your content to be posted; b) settle to affordable price for the service. For simpler projects it might look like that: