Firefox for Desktop Now Have Built-In Instant Messenger

The latest update of Mozilla’s Firefox browser, version 41, has been released for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android with some handy new upgrades.  The highlight of the update is the inclusion of Firefox Hello instant messenger for desktop.

“Firefox Hello Beta, developed with our partner Telefónica, is the global communications system built directly into a browser and it will now let you send and receive instant messages when you’re in a video call in Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux,”  — explains Mozilla.

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To access the new feature, make sure you’re using the latest version of Firefox (if it hasn’t updated automatically, open the menu in the upper right corner of the browser, click the ‘?’ symbol at the bottom of the drop down menu and then select ‘about Firefox’) and click the smiley face icon in the menu bar. This will open up a small window where you can have an audio or video chat with someone and exchange instant messages. The feature only works on the desktop version for now.

Some of the other additions made in Firefox v41 for desktop include support for SVG images as favicons, improved box-shadow rendering performance, and enhanced IME support on Windows (Vista +) using Text Services Framework. Users of the updated browser can set a profile picture for their Firefox account as well. Update also equips several HTML5 and developer-faced changes. The full changelog can be seen on the Firefox website.

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As for Android, the v41 of Mozilla Firefox brings minor features such as a swipe gesture to close tabs on tablets, overlay to manually search and copy/ paste login credentials from login manager, and quick search with different search engines from the search panel. Also featured is improved bookmark management with duplicate bookmark detection. Croatian locale has also been added.

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