How to get the most from your mobile traffic

How to get the most from your mobile traffic

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2016 year is bringing with it new opportunities and trends for app monetization. Currently users of operation systems Android and iOS spend 86% of their total gadget experience on mobile apps, dedicating only 14% to mobile web surfing. It’s high time for in-app mobile advertising.

Currently mobile app market is fast growing, offering more promising opprotunities than web market. So forward-looking advertisers would think rather how to get most from mobile app advertising. According to AppAnnie, in 2016 the global mobile app market will increase by 24% and gross income of all application stores will reach 51 billion USD. By 2020 worldwide gross income rate of all application stores will be more than 101 billion USD.

Sustainable growth of the majority of mature markets together with fast growth of emerging markets will continue to stimulate a confident onward movement of mobile advertising industry. Though large markets, including USA, Japan and China play a critical role in comprehensive long-term dynamics of app mobile monetization revenue, but fast-growing markets from India to Indonesia, from Mexico to Argentina, will reveal colossal possibilities.

A lot of companies, which have never thought before about mobile or their own advertising app, have changed their views. Especially it is true for e-commerce business. For example, it turned out that niche-oriented localized market of Russian speaking countries gives more possibilities for audience research by means of mobile devices and apps. Since this segment of the market is increasing exponentially, it means that an online shop, for instance, which is not optimized for tablets and smartphones, would lose up to 25% of its customers.

 Getting mobile with mobile ads

There are a plenty of solutions of how to earn money on your mobile traffic. The most obvious is to use app advertising, depending in where and when to show your users a mobile ad. Also modern world offers lots of opportunities for mobile web monetization. Your website must be optimized for smartphones and tablets, content should not to be bulky and must download quickly and properly. Ad practices are changing from old-school banner ads to video ads with autoplay. Though banner ads are still very popular due to their low cost and simplicity in production, more progressive ad formats are breathing down their neck.

 Clicky AdExchange automated Mobile Ad Platform

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