Google’s IT certification course for beginners will make you prepare for an entry-level IT support job in just 8-12 months

Google’s new IT certification course is going to give a chance to everyone to get a job in IT sector. The aim of this six-course certificate developed exclusively by Google is to help tech enthusiasts or beginners to acquire an entry-level job either in a small business or at a global company, like Google without any experience.

Google makes this program alive by partnering with the online tutorial website, Coursera. The IT certification program named as — Google IT Support Professional Certificate — includes six courses and you can easily complete the certificate in about eight months if you dedicate 8-10 hours a week to the courses.

The whole learning program costs $49 per month and Google is providing full financial assistance for qualified US residents who need support. Check here for more details.

The IT Support Professional Certificate is a first-of-its-kind program with highly interactive content, like hands-on labs and widgets, exclusively developed by Google.

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