Google Play Games Beta: Google Brings Android Games To Windows PC

Google has released the first beta of Google Play Games for PCs with Windows 10 and Windows 11. The beta starts in the test markets of Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, with other countries to follow later this year. 

In December last year, Google announced that the app for Google Play Games would also be available for PCs with Windows. This allows games intended for smartphones with Android and devices with Chrome OS to also be used on Windows PCs. The game status is synchronized in the cloud via the Google Play Games profile so that the game can be continued at the same point on another device.

Especially for the PC, Google advertises improved controls for the games, since keyboard and mouse can now also be used. In addition, developers can present the games on larger screens and provide them with higher graphic settings, which only the powerful hardware of a PC makes possible.

According to Google, a GPU that is generally suitable for gaming is sufficient, the CPU must have 8 cores, and the computer must have 8 GB of RAM.

20 GB are required on the SSD – hard disks are not supported. In addition, hardware virtualization must be activated, and the user needs administrator rights. It is not known whether these beta specs also apply to the final version.

Further technical details for the implementation can be found on a special page for developers.

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