Great Apps For Your Business Or Busy Life

Great Apps For Your Business Or Busy Life

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Since the creation of computers, the tech age has gone wild with new devices and new applications for making life easier.  There are apps for social networking, dating and having food delivered to your door.  Here are the newest mobile apps hitting the market:

The World Of Social Networking:

Let’s face it, social networking is the heart and soul of businesses, both online and  offline.  Social networking sites are allowing everyone to meet people from the other side of the planet!  For a business, it’s not always feasible to physically get together with potential customers, but through social media, they can reach out and communicate with everyone.  Here are some of the most popular social networking apps that are having a huge impact on communication:


This is a blogger’s dream come true!  You can post and share just about anything while perusing thousands of other bloggers.  You can meet and get in touch with millions of like-minded people and share your thoughts.


Simply using your phone’s camera, you have the ability to stream just about anything.  Periscope is a live video broadcasting service that’s blasting through the app world.  You can share videos by recording and storing them for 24 hours so you can send them to your friends on Twitter or Periscope.


This is an extremely popular, innovative service that lets you share your thoughts through pictures.    The concept is a momentary snap that directly after viewing will disappear.  They also provide a discover section that has the very best content from large publishers.

Apps For Dating:

Dating services have become the most popular trends for meeting potential dating matches while sitting on your couch.

The leader in dating sites has an official mobile app to find a special someone.  You do not have to sign up through sites like Facebook.  It offers a very smooth interface and personal matching search.  When you meet someone who seems special, all you have to do is “wink” and starting chatting!


You do not need a Facebook account, like some sites, the service will give you good information about potential matches.  After you sign up, you will have to pass a comprehensive test.  This test will match you with good prospects that have viewed your profile.


This is an interesting dating service launched by SeatGeek which is an online ticket provider.  If you are interested in someone, you can invite them to an event such as a concert or sports game. It’s a great way to match up with people who share your interests.

Apps For Food Delivery:

Not only are there apps for fast foods, there are services that will get all kinds of meals delivered very quickly.


This service will let you order food from nearby restaurants.  You can place an order, pay for it and even add meals and restaurants to your favorite list.  This list will allow you to open the menu, click on a meal and add it to your cart.


DoorDash has to be the easiest delivery service out there.  You will get a list of restaurants and let you be more specific about a certain meal or cuisine.  Unlike some others, it will let you know how long it will take to get the order to you.


The name says it all.  Restaurants are sorted by cuisines that you prefer and find out which restaurants deliver.  You also have the ability to make special requests to add certain ingredients, or items, and remove certain items or ingredients.


You can look through foods within a given cuisine or go to their “What’s Good” section to choose a meal you’d like to try.  You will get a full menu, pictures and customer reviews.  You will also have the ability to monitor your delivery.


With each passing day, there are apps for just about any area of your life.  Along with this list, there are apps to help you improve your health, lose weight and monitor your fitness program.  Set an appointment for your next hair salon visit or schedule a dog walking service.  All these new apps are making your busy life a great deal more manageable.

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