Lifetime Access To Netflix

Do you believe if i say you could get a lifetime subscription of Netflix for only 0.50$. Yes it’s true recent reports shows that hackers are selling lifetime access to Netflix , HBO Go, Spotify and other online streaming entertainment network subscriptions for less than $1.

Now you think it will be cool if you could get such lifetime access to Netflix, but no, actually what happens here is that hackers are stealing subscription from other people and sell it to others through Dark Web,which can only be accessed by a special internet browser called TOR that hides your IP address. According to Business Insider, a recent report by McAfee Labs revealed this information.

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Lifetime Access To Netflix
A sample listing for a Netflix account | Image Source : BusinessInsider

Lifetime Access To Netflix, HBO, Spotify Under $10

According to McAfee Labs, lifetime access to Netflix account is getting for only $0.50 and stolen HBO NOW and HBO GO accounts, as well as other cable streaming services, can be bought for less than $10. Premium pro sports services will run you about $15.Spotify access sells for under $2.

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Now you might assume that if you buy access to someone else’s Netflix account, it will get shut down fairly quickly, but this is not necessarily the case. The hackers selling these services provide “guarantees” that buyers will have access to lifetime subscriptions, meaning even if there are issues with that original account you buy. That is, the sellers say they’ll give you working account information if the account credentials you buy are shut down.

Lifetime Access To Spotify
A sample listing for a Spotify account | Image Source : TechInsider

Raj Samani, the CTO of Intel Security, told Tech Insider that these accounts are likely based on both stolen credit card data as well as stolen account information and interestingly they also have its own help desk for assisting buyers for a risk-free transaction.

Samani also recommends taking proactive steps like using a credit monitoring service, to stay vigilant.And if you see someone creating additional profiles on your Netflix account, then you should try canceling it and sign up for a new one using different information.

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