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The second best messaging app in India, Hike Messenger is now is adding a quartet of Silicon Valley veterans as investors and advisors.  These include Quora co-founder and chief executive officer Adam D’Angelo; Automattic founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg (who is also a co-founder of WordPress); Dropbox vice president of engineering Aditya Agarwal; and Ruchi Sanghvi, the former vice president of operations at Dropbox.

India, the second most populous country in the world with 1.3 billion population and recent survey reports shows that Hike’s main competitor is Facebook-owned WhatsApp. WhatsApp claims to have more than 900 million users around the world and 56% of Internet users in India use WhatsApp every day. Hike has been holding its own since it launched in December 2012, however, and now claims 70 million users, with over a billion messages sent each day.

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In a statement, Automattic founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg said “As an online social media entrepreneur myself, I have keenly observed India. I believe in Hike Messenger’s vision and I can see the team gearing up and are well positioned for aggressive growth in the country. Specifically, for those people just coming onto the Internet, Hike’s a true platform and one gets far more than just messaging and photo sharing. People have easy access to real-time news, live cricket scores, coupons from their favorite brands, and much, much more”

Hike is adding more and more unique features to attract every internet users, recently they made support to 9 different Indian languages and become first multilingual messaging app in country.

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According to recent reports WhatsApp is expected to add video calls soon, which may make it even more difficult to compete with (both services already have voice calling), but Hike’s goal is to create a simple messaging app (which is useful for people on limited data plans or in areas with poor connections), but that still offers the same wide variety of services as other Asian messaging apps like WeChat and Line.

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