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Search engines are one of the most integral part of driving readers to websites.And every one desires to show their website or blog in top of search results.Google and Bing are the most popular search engines that the world using today.And their are millions of websites or blog are indexing in these search engines every day.And adding your website or blog in search engine is the first step to get some quality organic traffic.

So through this post we are trying to help newbies to make their website or blog visible in search engines – Google and Bing.So add your website or blog now.

►Register With Webmaster Tools

Both Google and Bing have their respective webmaster tools to add or submit your websites or blogs.So first of all you have to register with their webmaster tools.

►Submit Sitemap

After registration now its the time to submit your sitemap.Because sitemap helps search engines to crawl your websites.So you have to create sitemap.
Sitemap are of different formats XML,Atom,Rss and Text.And both these search engines support all formats.
Their are many sitemap generators are available in internet.Some of them are listed below.So create sitemap and download sitemap file and upload it in your website root folder and then copy and paste your sitemap url (like to the webmaster tools .

Some Sitemap Generators:

How To Add Your Website/Blog In Popular Search Engines - Google And Bing
Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools

How To Add Your Website/Blog In Popular Search Engines - Google And Bing
Submit Sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tools

►Blogger Users

If your using Blogger,then you don’t need to follow above step.Simply use below url in sitemap field of webmaster tools.

This url is for the first 500 post in your blogger website.If you have more than 500 posts.Add one more sitemap for next 500 like below:
 And if you have more than 1000 posts add these url after adding above ones:
 and so on
 Now you are done .Wait for a couple of days to search engines to crawl your enter website or blog.After that your website/blog will be their in search results.
If you have any doubts comment below or contact us.
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