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One of the most fruitful areas of advertising right now is mobile. Because of the pandemic, we can see a drastic increase in time spent on a smartphone by an average person globally. Advertisers are now using this opportunity to their advantage, and programmatic advertising is definitely helpful. Mobile DSP platforms are now more efficient than ever, providing automated advertising on mobile devices. Ad formats and extensive reach allow creating highly effective advertising campaigns.

Understanding Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a modern way of buying and selling adverts because it is fully automated. In the previous years, it would be necessary to spend a lot of time, effort, and money on a single advertisement. Everything, from placing an order, designing and setting up the ad to displaying it and collecting performance data, would be done by hand. Nowadays, thanks to demand-side platforms, or DSPs for short, it becomes possible to automate the advertising process. This method is much faster and more efficient, which results in better advertising campaigns.

What Are Mobile DSPs?

A mobile demand-side platform is a specific kind of DSP focused on mobile advertising. Both advertisers and publishers use these platforms for buying and selling ad traffic for mobile websites and applications. Mobile DSPs simplify the process and allow more precise targeting. This technology is also important for creating ads that will be user-friendly for smartphone owners. All mobile ads need to be formatted properly for a better viewer experience. Because mobile owners spend from 3 to 5 hours on the phone every day, and this time continues to increase, advertisers have a great chance of reaching a target customer.

Benefits of Incorporating Mobile DSPs

Mobile DSPs have been around for more than a decade now, and each year, their influence continues to grow. There are many advantages of mobile demand-side platforms that make advertisers choose them rather than advertising networks. The advantages of mobile DSPs include:

  • Precise targeting. Cookies are slowly dying on desktop devices, and it will become more difficult to look for target viewers. Luckily, there is still a convenient and reliable identifier for mobile users, which is the device ID. This way, it remains very easy to learn a lot of helpful information about the mobile owner and customize an engaging ad for him/her.
  • In-app user tracking. Mobile applications have a huge advantage in terms of collecting information because they can gather such personal data as age, gender, and other criteria of the user. This information allows advertisers to target videos and in-game ads effectively. Geographical location can be also learned through the app, which makes precise geo-targeting even better.
  • Unique ad formats. Mobile devices leave room for some of the most efficient advertising formats. Numerous in-app ads can be displayed organically, which users like a lot more than seeing adverts popping up on the computer or in the middle of watching a video. There are also rewarded video ads, which remain some of the most successful. This is a type of advert that users can trigger themselves within a game to obtain a reward. Such ads are usually quite short, and players actually want to see them because in-game bonuses wait after the ad is finished. This also ensures that users watch through the whole ad without clicking off and still remain satisfied.
  • Increased in-app time. Studies show that almost 90% of the time spent on the smartphone is in apps rather than on mobile browsers. Because there is an application for almost every solution, brand, and website, mobile users prefer using convenient programs instead of the web. This helped advertisers to increase the ad revenue by almost 50%.
  • No ad blockers. Because many users find online adverts annoying, they have resorted to installing ad-blocking programs. This is a huge disadvantage for advertisers as this prevents ads from showing up, and huge losses can occur. Luckily, there are no ad blocks that would ban adverts from mobile apps. This allows reaching out for different demographics, which have previously been almost inaccessible.
  • More video ad slots. Video ads are the most memorable and efficient among mobile users. They are not widespread on the web because other formats are preferable in this case. Applications have tons of video inventories, and a variety of engaging formats has its own benefits.

Overall, mobile DSPs are not separate platforms but a part of usual DSPs with more focus on the mobile market. This offers special inventories and tools for mobile advertising, making this field easier to explore and achieve better results.

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