How to improve your audio quality

There is nothing worse than having a meeting or conference room that has a wealth of expensive tech and equipment ready for your next virtual business meeting; but when it comes down to it, the audio quality is poor. A good sound experience can make or break a telephone or video conference, which could mean the difference between landing and losing a deal.

What is high-quality audio?

High quality or high-resolution audio, is a technical term used for audio with a greater than 44.1kHz sample rate or is higher than 16-bit in audio depth. But what equipment do you need to be able to listen to high-quality audio? Do you need any specialist kit to be able to record and conference calls in HD audio? The answer is simple, yes.

What equipment do I need?

A microphone: To be able to record or speak to colleagues or clients with a high level of audio, you will need to invest in a good microphone. Whether you’re filming video content for your company website and social media, or are liaising with customers on the other side of the world, a top-quality microphone will ensure that nothing gets missed.

The correct capacitors: A lesser-known piece of equipment you’ll need but an important one nevertheless. The correct paper capacitors like those from RS will ensure your audio circuits never fail you mid-call or recording.

Audio editing tools: Particularly helpful if you are recording a podcast or video, a platform that will allow you to edit your audio will always enable you to tweak it to be the best it can be. There is a wealth of free tools out there such as Audacity which are extremely user-friendly.

Power: Often something not considered until it’s too late; making sure you have adequate power to your equipment will save you from the embarrassment of a blackout mid-call or recording. Always check the documentation that comes with your kit before aimlessly plugging bits everywhere.

By investing in the right audio gadgets you can take your sound quality up a notch and ensure any recordings, footage, content and conference calls are all at the highest possible level.

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