Indian IT Firms Are One Of The Top 10 Worst Paymasters In The World

Checkout List Of Countries Who Give World's Best And Worst IT Salaries.

According to a survey taken by taken by recruitment platform , Indian IT firms are one of the top 10 worst paymasters in the world, a mid-level IT manager draws an average salary of $ 41,213 while his Swiss counterpart gets over four times more.

In the survey reports India was ranked 7th on the list of lowest paymasters for information technology (IT) managers, down by one position from last year’s.While Indian IT managers drew an average salary of $ 41,213.

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As per the list IT firms at Bulgaria are the top one with average wage of $ 25,680.Vietnam and Thailand are in next two positions averaging at $ 30,938 and $ 34,423, respectively. Indonesia at the fourth spot with average wages of $ 34,780, followed by the Philippines ($ 37,534), India ($ 41,213), China ($ 42,689), Czech Republic ($ 43,219), and Argentina ($ 51,380).

“The impact of outsourcing and off-shoring on IT roles in North America and Western Europe helps explain the pattern of global pay,” — & CEO Rajesh Kumar said and also added “Lower-level roles are being moved to regions where talent is cheaper. The jobs that remain in Western Europe and the United States may be fewer in number, but are more demanding and complex. However, there is an increasing evidence of India’s growing stature and presence in the high-end value chain, where cost advantages may not be the only drivers of future growth,”

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And on the other hand list countries that pay out the best IT salaries, Switzerland again topped the list with an average annual remuneration of $ 1,71,465. The same job if taken in Belgium, second on the list, would fetch $ 1,52,430, the survey said. Denmark came in at third on the best-paying list, with salary in the IT sector averaging at $ 1,38,920. The US and the UK were ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, with average packages of $ 1,32,877 and $ 1,29,324, respectively.

The survey said that, “India remains one of the most favourite outsourcing destinations due to this low-cost factor, but the future might bring with itself a completely different scenario,”.

The survey compared the total annual cash compensation and total remuneration information of the mid-career level for IT staff at 9,413 companies across 40 different countries between August 1 to August 31, 2015.

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