Innovations in Gaming

Gaming, for all we know, has stopped being just a weekend hobby. It has become a lifestyle and a multi-billion dollar industry that doesn’t seem to stop growing, especially on account of the rise of competitive gaming.

That’s because new advances in technology are making an impact on people who want to go beyond console and PC-based gameplay for more immersive experiences.

Hype is an understatement to describe the evolution of the gaming industry. For sure, there’s no other way for this industry to go but up. That being said, people should look beyond prevailing trends and instead, focus on innovations that have a considerable impact on the long term.

Accessories have leveled up

Ever played Diablo at a home office and realize just how weird it was to play such an iconic game on a boring desktop computer?

It’s not just the games themselves that have undergone considerable change. Gaming experiences have also improved as hardware designers focus more on comfort. The field of ergonomics has contributed immensely to the world of video gaming, so much so that gamers are always looking to improve their rigs and make themselves more comfortable in front of the screen.

Online marketplaces and review sites are also catering to the ever-growing market of video game hardware. High Ground Gaming, for instance, features content on gaming chairs and other accessories while e-commerce platforms like Amazon are introducing new and innovative products to this high-value market.

The coolness of augmented and virtual reality

Gaming has come a long way. From the simple and repetitive gameplay of Pong, to the open-world mayhem of the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2, the look and feel of video games have changed considerably within just a span of four decades. With the introduction of virtual and augmented reality, the industry has taken a bigger leap forward towards a future we never knew existed.

These technologies have been around for quite some time and they have yet to make a big enough impact in the mass market. But so long as there’s a strong enough interest in the potentials of these technologies, we would be making giant leaps as we go along.

Emphasis on open-world exploration

Open-world has been a concept that has been explored by a number of different titles altogether, notably the Pokemon and Final Fantasy franchises.

From simple pixels, graphics engines have made it possible to create beautiful and vast landscapes where there’s always something new just around the corner.

Some say Grand Theft Auto V set the pinnacle for the open-world genre. But what it really did was show the possibility of creating open-world games where players have a vast menu of decisions to take.

For sure, new games in this genre will stretch the open-world concept to infinity. Despite the flop that was No Man’s Sky, it’s still possible to create vast vistas that will drive the demand for open-world titles containing even larger universes.

The gaming industry has to be the number one casualty of digital transformation. As newer and better tools are introduced each year, gamers will at least have a lot to look forward to in the foreseeable future!


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