Innovative Online Games

Tech is playing a big role in the development of the online casino industry, helping operators push boundaries like never before. From 3D gaming with exploding symbols to million-dollar connected jackpots, the rulebook has been ripped up. The casino industry is also highly competitive at the developer level, with game creators always trying to bring something new to the table to delight players.

Below we have picked five games that are really worth a look in 2020 for the simple reason that they offer something different than the expected. Some focus on gameplay, whereas others use tech to offer huge payout potential. Without further ado:

1. Wolf Gold

How many different winning combinations do you think it’s possible to have on a slot’s reels? 10? 50? 500? Wolf Gold, part of the Pragmatic Play range available at this online casino in Australia, offers 117,649 potential winning lines across the reels. It uses a patented dynamic reels system to deliver all the combinations, which change with every spin. It is possible to fill all the reels with the same symbol, meaning over 100,000 different wins are paid. A game-changer for casino players who aim to hit big prizes for small stakes.

2. Frankie Dettori’s Jackpot Roulette

The odds of roulette haven’t changed in decades. Walking into a casino in the 1950s would yield the same returns as it would in a casino today: Guess red or black, odd or even, to double your money; hit a number straight up and get paid 35 to 1. How do you improve on a classic? You add a random jackpot prize – currently sitting at over $500,000 at the time of writing – which can be awarded to any player on any spin.

3. Justice League

Casinos were able to make many geeks dreams come true with the announcement that DC Comics and software developer Playtech had agreed to bring out a range of superhero games. There are plenty to choose from, including games featuring Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. Yet, the best game brings the whole team together in Justice League. Each superhero has their own special feature, which can lead to some mammoth wins. The graphics are outstanding to boot.

Innovative Online Games

4. Narcos

A game built on the strength of the incredible Netflix series of the same name, Narcos is an example of the current trend of games developers bringing stories into their slots. The game looks and plays like a video game, using cool animations to drive the story of busting Pablo Escobar. There are about half a dozen different bonus features, including a fun “Drive By” feature and a “Locked Up” bonus. One of the most talked about slots today, and for very good reason.

5. Book of Oz

There are numerous Wizard of Oz based slots out there, with L Frank Baum’s timeless classic providing fertile ground for developers to base games on. What sets Book of Oz apart is interactivity, i.e. you can shape the game to suit your strategy. You can choose to spin individual reels for different bet amounts, affording you more chances of winning the special features and big payouts. Each tailored spin will cost a different amount, so a lot of strategies must be applied. It’s possibly a sign of games developers looking to the future, where each game is tailored specifically to the individual player.


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