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Interview Scheduling is a long process. It consists of certain plans, arrangements and a lot of research questions. This is a map for the recruiters. Interview scheduling involves types such as observation schedule where the questions are prepared to guide the overserver systematically, rating schedule where the question guides a psychologist to weigh the attitude of an individual, survey schedule is related with the help that surveyor gets about the information. 

Points for recruitment scheduling process that will enhance the candidate’s experience

1. Improvising Goals for Interview Scheduling

The most important thing in the interview scheduling is to maintain the hiring process of the company while you are moving towards a new objective. While going through the first interview scheduling process there should be basic objectives covered. All the answers to the questions should be covered beforehand like how many rounds, who are the interviewers and how many of them will be there, about job position etc. 

2. Look at the Abilities of Interview Scheduling

The thing that happens during the interview schedule process is the absence of proper communication between the interviewers. Maintaining a proper schedule between each of the recruiting teams will make the process easy and fruitful.

3. Using Software of Recruitment Scheduling

Various companies open their job portals and in that they send prepared personalized messages to the candidates. The recruitment scheduling software makes that work a little easier. Softwares has appointment scheduler updates to the candidates about the schedule of their recruitment. Whereas the emails and all takes a long time to settle down the schedule. 

Features of Interview scheduling

1. Reminds the Candidate of Their Appointments

After interviewing the candidates for the whole day recruiters will never want late comers for interviewing with you. This will disturb your day’s schedule. By using some suitable software you can be sure about your interviews, it won’t let you forget your schedule. The candidates can schedule a number of appointments they want to and also allow you to send reminders to other individuals who are not able to do their appointments. 

2. Allows the candidates to make appointments by themselves

Candidates should be given to schedule themselves by using any scheduling software that is linked directly to Google or Outlook calendar. With various built-in options of fixing date or changing dates you have a full hold upon calendar. Through this, you can decide what’s the time you want to meet and the number of meetings you want to schedule each day.  

3. Team Interview is Scheduled

Through the scheduling, we have everything under control. They look after the candidates you want to meet and then the system automatically captures it and allows the recruiter to do a quick access, it schedules them and sends them reminders. 

4. Online Integration

You will get various interview scheduling software which gets integrated with famous online meeting applications like Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Skype etc.  

5. Expiration indication

Sometimes it happens that in a job interview, you set up an event, and in many cases, you don’t use that once it is finished again. The scheduling will help you to mention the expiration date in the events and remove it before the candidates may select it. 

6. Exchange of Documents

The interview schedule is best for exchanging documents. It gives access to a link to the Dropbox of cloud storage where candidates are able to share huge documents immediately after the interview schedule. Videos can also be uploaded.   

7. Infinite questions

The important thing that the recruiters want is the sufficient number of questions to scrutinize the candidates. However, the scheduler software will save you from this . It will support that. The scheduling apps will go to the calendar and send the reminders or the notifications related to the answers. 

Benefits of interview Scheduling

The interview scheduling will give easy access to every recruitment. HR’s need not hold on to everything manually. The automated process will link up with the candidate’s existing calendar which saves time. 

1. Automation of Hiring Process

Automated interview scheduling is a very unique process. The process makes recruitment work simple. It makes sure that there is no delay or cancellation of the interviews which gives a better experience to the candidates. Also helps in setting up the interview process quickly and makes it efficient. 

2. Flexible and customizable

The best thing about the process is that it is very flexible. Flexible in the sense of booking the slots. The recruiters can set the time according to their free time and can block whenever they want in case they have a busy schedule. The date in the calendar of the candidates changes according to the changed schedule. Some features are also available in the automated software which enables the recruitment manager Authorization only to lift the blocked calendar of the recruiters. 

3. Provides Accurate Data

The questions and answers which are prepared beforehand are more reliable and credible. Those questions are well planned, thought and well researched which helps the company to gather more candidates. Also, preparing the question beforehand helps the recruiters, who are bound under a certain time, to get the answers quickly. 

4. Easy to Get enough information

The automated scheduling software helps the candidates to clear out their queries and doubts after the interview. It also increases the traffic of the website. Not only that it helps the recruiters to gather genuine and important information about the candidates. 


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