iPhone 12 performance upgrade is confirmed

The rumors around the new iPhone 12 are leaking and promise grand updates. iPhone 12 is expected to be the grand surprise of 2020. Komiya, one of the trusted industry insiders, released new information. According to Komiya, the new A14 Bionic chip will provide CPU gain of 40% and GPU gain of 50%. 

iPhone’s A13 is already the fastest chip of the industry, and A14 will be a big step forward. EverythingApplePro, a popular YouTuber, said that A14 would be a huge upgrade in performance. Considering that A11’s 70% improvement CPU was 25% faster and GPU 30% was a big improvement, A14 will truly be a massive upgrade. 

In January, the rumor was that iPhone 12 might be faster and more powerful than MacBook Pro. The mainstream user might not be completely aware of what this update really means. iPhones already have a long lifespan, but iPhone 12 might stand the test of time longer than its predecessors.

New processor for iPhone 12 for gamers

Gamers appreciate devices with a strong processor and efficient use of energy more than other users. If the rumors are true, the iPhone 12 will be perfect for the fans’ gaming. With the new processor, gaming will be easier for players. It’s good news for players who love playing traditional casino games on digital platforms. 

iGaming apps and platforms have been adapted to the digital world for a decade already and have become very popular. Especially with the new features that include live casino games, a new processor will be a must. Live casino games need more power from the battery and processor to handle every aspect of the game. iGaming brands have already created real live casino slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker games as new smartphones can handle those games without interruptions. Live casino games add more satisfaction and a feeling of competition against others in live mode. 

Gamers will be able to enjoy the graphics, sound effects, and high-speed gaming. The new display, strong processor, and long battery life will ensure this. Additionally, the new 5.4″ display will be a better fit for people who do not find large screens phones comfortable. For those who prefer bigger screens, iPhone 12 will come in plus sizes too. 

The new A14 chip does not need much energy, and even though the battery is not big, it will still have a longer battery life. This way, you will not have to charge it often. iGaming apps also offer sports betting, as well as tournaments and competitions in popular video games.

Apple’s Bold New iOS 14 Move Could Really Hurt Facebook

Apple’s operating system will redirect News+ subscribers to the Apple News app even though they click on the link to a News+ article. Even if the subscribers click on the link of News+ partner news agency, Apple’s new operating systems will redirect the users to the news + app, instead of opening the link to the web site. 

Tony Haile, the founder of a free subscription news provider Scroll, posted on his Twitter about the update. Some users subscribe for $9.99 per month to read the articles from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and others. The new update will give them access to the stories only through the News app instead of linking them to the publishers’ website. It might not be a bad change for the users, but the publishers are not very happy about it, because the flow to their websites will significantly decrease.

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