KickassTorrents back online, new clone site askes users to sign a petition to free owner Artem Vaulin

Popular torrent site KickassTorrents owner Artem Vaulin got arrested on Wednesday at Poland on a number of charges, including conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and two counts of criminal copyright infringement and the domains of his website were seized,

And following that incident KAT gone offline but there is this thing with pirate sites, just like real pirates, you cannot keep them down for long. As expected, the piracy site is available online again in the form of clone sites.

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There are multiple clones of the website available online and Verge reports that it has received an emailed statement from the creators of one such clone, named, that says that the site is “hosted on multiple cloud servers to prevent blockade, and the hosting information is well hidden behind Cloudflare.”

The creators further claimed that they have in fact, improved on the original version of the website by adding a mobile version and further went on to say that “will has the complete torrent database of KAT, including the comments, user information intact,” The Verge reports.

Same thing happened to The Pirate Bay – In 2014, when piracy site The Pirate Bay was taken down after Swedish police seized website’s servers and computers in Stockholm, people expected piracy to die down soon enough, as at the time, The Pirate Bay was one of the most widely-used torrent websites around the world. However, mirror servers and clone sites were able to ensure that the site never actually died and resurfaced in around two months.

Meanwhile, Torrent Freak reported that the people behind several mirror sites are protesting against the arrest of Vaulin, as they stand for the freedom of the internet. They launched a petition in and petition says:

In the world where terrorist attacks is a monthly issue, where global corporations are swimming in money and millions dying because of diseases and hunger every single year, do you really think torrents deserve attention, money and human resources you spend on them? Do you really think it’s the most important thing on our hands right now?

Our freedom to share is the human right which Artem Vaulin has been providing to millions of users. By arresting him our rights are violated.

About 16,775  users already signed the petition to free owner Artem Vaulin.

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