Kiss Connectivity — New Way To Transfer Data Wirelessly

Transfering data wirelessly is not a new concept for the present generation of devices.

Earlier we used Bluetooth, Infrared technology to transfer our files through the air and after the arrival of new mobile platforms like Android, we switched our device’s wireless data transfer capability to WiFi.

But the only drawback with these above-mentioned services is that, they are limited to certain devices or platforms. Like, via Bluetooth and WiFi — data transfer is limited to a phone to phone and phone to computer or vice-versa.

Not anymore, because a new wireless data transferring technologyKiss Connectivity —  is going to revamp your file sharing experience on multiple platforms. As per the name, with Kiss Connectivity, devices only need to ‘Kiss’ each other to transfer data, no cables or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Kiss Connectivity is new technology in the market from a California-based startup called Keyssa. The company focuses on simplifying the reliable transfer of huge amounts of data and video between devices with unprecedented speed in a secure way.

With Kiss Connectivity technology, company reinvents the connector to replace the need for different ports and cables that you need today in order to transfer data between different devices.

How does Kiss Connectivity work?

The working principle is simple — if you have two devices equipped with Kiss Connectivity technology and like to transfer data from one to other, all you would have to do is touch, or “kiss”, them with each other. In short, place two devices in close proximity to one another and they will connect and disconnect automatically.

Large files like movies in 1080p can be wirelessly transferred within five seconds simply by “kissing” the devices.

Now you may be wondering that, how to find whether a device has Kiss technology? — Actually, devices supporting Kiss Connectivity have a special chip embedded inside them that allows two devices to connect magnetically and allows communication between them.

The company claims that power consumption with Kiss Connectivity is in orders of magnitude lower than the wireless solutions and also it’s secure because unlike wireless networks like Wi-Fi and cellular, Kiss Connectivity is a point-to-point connection. Data travels securely from one device to another.

How Kiss Connectivity differ from current technology?

  • Metal free. No mechanical failures like the wear-and-tear that occurs due to repeatedly connecting cables or pins.
  • No interference. Prevents RFI and EMI signal interference.
  • Kiss Connectivity uses an extremely high-frequency (EHF) carrier to transport electrical-based protocols over a short distance through plastics and air.
  • When built into tablets, laptops, smartphones or docks, it saves space and frees product designers – who are currently constrained by today’s large, delicate, mechanical connectors – to create sleeker and more rugged devices.
  • Software transparent. There is no programming overhead or software drivers required.
  • Moreover, it promises consumers a new way to share, sync and store their content – simply and securely – without crowded wireless networks that can be hacked.

According to Keyssa CEO Eric Almgren, they were working on the amazing wireless technology for over five years and they raised over $100mn from Tony Fadell – one of the fathers of the iPod and venture arms of tech companies, including Samsung, Intel, Foxconn and Dolby, among others.

As Kiss Connectivity wasn’t in the limelight until recently, most OEMs are yet to introduce devices with this technology. The only device, as of today, that uses the technology is the Acer Aspire Switch 12 S tablet and also rumors that the wireless data transfer technology used in the upcoming Essential Phone — designed by the ‘Father of Android’ Andy Rubin — is nothing else but Kiss Connectivity.

So what’s your opinion about Kiss technology? Do you think this technology is going to revolutionize the data transferring capability in upcoming devices?

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