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Essays are one of the most common assignment types in universities and colleges. In the essay, you may need to describe your thoughts about a subject. It will help you show your knowledge of the topic. So, it is very important to write a good essay. It has its special features as a type of assignment. You should also follow the right structure of the essay. Let’s look at the main features of writing an essay.

Main parts

Each essay has a similar structure. It includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you should describe the topic in general. State what the writing will be about. Then you should give a thesis. This is the main statement of the essay that you will prove with arguments.

In the body, you should give about three paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with an argument of your point. Then you should prove it with examples. You can take examples from real life and from literature. You may also use scholarly resources to confirm the facts.

In the conclusion, you should sum up the content of your essay. Make a conclusion of what you have written.

Your point

An essay is a description of your thoughts about a topic. You should give your point and prove it with arguments and examples. So, an essay is written in the first person. But you can confirm the thoughts with scholarly information. For this purpose, you use services such as Google Scholar.

There, you will find useful resources. You should cite them in your writing and in the reference list. There are also different essay types. You should consider the type and its structure.

Good topic

The purpose of any essay is to talk about a topic, answer a question, and give arguments. The topic is different from the subject. The subject is the discipline you study. The topic is the idea or objects you are looking at in your essay. Before you start writing, consider what you think about the topic and what your position is.

Where to find a good topic? The topic may be given together with the essay instructions. If you should do it yourself, you can address your professor. They will give you advice on the best and the easiest topic. They will also help you with writing the essay and correct your mistakes.

Give proven arguments

The argument contains two parts. They are the statement and the evidence that proves it. The statement is your thesis. So, the first step is to give the statement. The second step is to talk about the reason. And the third step is to give evidence and proof about the reason. Your professor will give you the best mark if you follow all these steps.

A motive to write the essay

Before you start writing, you should think about why you do this. Why have you chosen this topic? What interests you in it? To find the best motive, you should think about who will read the essay.

This is your audience, and it defines the topic and arguments. The motive may include your own interest or the aim to tell people something new.

A detailed analysis of the problem

You should not only present data and facts. In the essay, you should interpret and discuss the information. You make a detailed description of the facts and their summary. But you should also describe how the data is important to society.

How does the information impact the problem? What is its meaning personally for you? How can you contribute to the discussion? In the essay, you should present your point and show your individual impact.


In the essay, you can give information without proving it. Yet, you should state that it is your assumption and you do now know it for sure. You only suppose that they are true. The assumptions are the terms relevant to the subject and topic.

You should not give them abstract meaning or talk about what everyone knows. They will help the reader reach a logical conclusion. The reader will understand the topic better and accept the arguments.

The use of transition words

These words connect the thoughts from one paragraph to the thoughts from another one. You can start a phrase or sentence with them. They are good when you write an introduction to a paragraph. You can present your points in a well-structured manner. The transition words will transfer the idea through the entire essay.

The use of counter-arguments

If it is the discussion type of essay, you can also give counter-arguments. This means that you state the point opposite to yours. Then you give arguments opposite to your ones. You should also prove the counter-arguments with examples. This will help you look at the topic from different points.

You will be able to analyze the viewpoints and find the correct one. This will also let you make the reader think. They will start to consider the subject with some skepticism. They will also make their assumptions about the topic. Each topic has some implications. In the essay, you should talk about them and solve the problem.

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