MediaTek’s Helio G95 The Newest Chip for Premium Mid-Range Gaming Smartphones

MediaTek announced their new gaming-focused chip, the Helio G95, on September 1st. A progression from their previous chipset, and while it may not take gaming to the next level, it is certainly a step up, with 5% CPU and 8% GPU gains over the Helio G90T released in 2019. 

The Helio G95 has premium features such as AI Super Resolution, perfect for gaming, video conferencing, streaming, sharper imaging and graphics, and an AI-enabled camera. All in all, the Helio G95 offers a solid alternative to the Qualcomm snapdragon 732G, both chips aimed squarely at the premium 4G gaming smartphone segment – and released a day apart. Here’s a closer look. 

AI Super-resolution

The Helio G95’sG95’s AI super-resolution display is perfect for high-quality video conferencing – a must for most businesses during the COVID 19 pandemic – and for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and TikTok. An efficient reduction in bandwidth while streaming is barely noticeable, with reductions up to 75%. It can cope with resolutions between 360p and 720p HD in realtime, and features an FHD+ 90fps display, with minimal lagging and latency issues, meaning gamers have a smooth and responsive experience. 

Enhanced HyperEngine Game Technology

The Helio G95 is perfect for mobile gamers, featuring resource management engines, networking, and rapid response for a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. When the chip detects weak Wi-Fi connections, it intelligently triggers Wi-Fi & LTE concurrency to eradicate lag and keep latency levels high. Nothing is more frustrating for online gamers than lag. In this respect, the Helio G95 displays its superiority over earlier versions from MediaTek and stands out from other market chips. 

Multi-camera support

For premium imaging, the Helio G95 offers multi-camera support for cameras up to 64 MP. This means incredible night shots, with excellent low-light support, for striking shots under difficult lighting conditions. It also features 4K 30fps video encoding/decoding and a built-in AI processing unit (APU). 

Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G – A Great Concurrent 

Another chip that hit the market the day before the Helio G95 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G. The Qualcomm mission statement promises “immersive gameplay backed by smarter, faster artificial intelligence and accelerated performance, including an upgraded GPU and CPU compared to the previous generation.” Similar in many respects to the G95, it features a CPU processor faster than most computers -2.3GHz. It also promises lag reduction, aiming it squarely at the mobile gaming market. 

Rise of mobile gaming

The prevalence of the market for more gaming-focused chips is no surprise, given the popularity of mobile gaming. As more technologically involved games are developed, chips such as the Helio G95 provide a platform for existing games while simultaneously inspiring developers to let their imaginations run wild. Before the global pandemic took hold, the increase in popularity for mobile gaming could be traced to our ever busier lifestyles, with players opting to enjoy games on-the-go rather than in their homes. 

The mobile game market is very diverse, meaning you can play from FPS to casino games to sports and racing. We saw Fortnite, Call of Duty, Asphalt 9: Legends, we also saw Texas Hold ’em and mobile Blackjack breaking the records in mobile gaming. According to, more casino games are available than ever. This industry is progressing rapidly and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 

A change in gamer demographic

The rise of mobile gaming has also shifted the demographic. While consoles are a male-dominated market, with teens and those in their 20s make up the majority of players, mobile gaming has increasingly appealed to women. 

One survey from 2019 claimed that 63% of mobile gamers were women, and 60% of them played daily. Women are much more interested in mobile gaming, favoring it overplaying on consoles or PCs. Mobile gaming is so widespread because of its convenience, with gamers playing on their lunch breaks or to kill time on the commute. But it probably won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that 50% of mobile gamers play when they’re sat on the toilet

Mobile gamers demand faster, more efficient chips to enjoy games on their smartphones, and the industry has responded, with chips like the MediaTek Helio G95 and its Qualcomm competitor vying to capture the demographic. The knock-on effect of this is more advanced games and heightened gaming experience – a win-win situation.

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