Microsoft To Offer Fedora, SUSE, and Ubuntu Linux To The Windows Store

Last year Microsoft made headlines by building support for the Bash shell and Ubuntu Linux binaries into Windows 10, that enables developers to run command-line tools while building apps as well as allows power users to run limited instances of Linux directly on top of Windows without installing a virtual machine.

Now again Microsoft shows how much the company loves and support Linux by bringing OpenSUSE and Fedora distributions along with Ubuntu Linux to the Windows store.

So how to get these three Linux distros in Windows 10 ? — Developers has to turned on “developer mode” in the Windows 10 settings menu and turned on support for Linux, and then go into the Windows Store and install support for any of the three supported Linux systems with just a click.

The Linux installations will run in a virtualized environment side by side with Windows, with the same command-line utilities available that you’d normally have with a full installation.

Avinash A
Avinash A
He shares new updates in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning universe. By the way, he is a Biotechnology Engineer.


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