Minigames In Android Auto
Image Credits: RegionRat91 (Reddit)

Google has been opening Android Auto to third-party applications for some time and incorporating new functions. The company seeks to go a step further now with the introduction of minigames in the operating system in car.

According to XDA, Google is currently working on bringing the Gamesnacks minigames to Android Auto. GameSnacks is a collection of lightweight HTML5 games from Area 120, Google’s own incubator for experimental projects. GameSnacks games will be available to users with cars that use Android Auto and have a touch screen.

Disguised as “GearSnacks”, showing up as an Android Auto compatible app is the one that is going to be used to run those Gamesnacks minigames in a car. To be able to play, the car will have to be stopped, in addition to being essential that it has a touch screen. There are some games that are already accessible to users.

Minigames In Android Auto 1
Image Credits: RegionRat91 (Reddit)

The minigames are quite simple, designed to pass the time. GameSnacks was launched in early 2020 and brings HTML5 games to all kinds of internet-connected devices. They are particularly lightweight with low memory requirements and developed for devices with poor network connections in the 2G and 3G networks — Google speaks from “bite-sized games”.

As per the report, 8 HTML5 games are seemingly being optimized for Android Auto, such as Zoo Boom, Onet Connect Classic, Cannonballs 3D, Pin the UFO, 2048 Giant, Find 500 Differences, Unblock That and Bubble Woods. The entire catalogue of HTML5 games is broader, so everything suggests that Google is still perfecting this integration of the games and that its official launch will take place soon.

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