MRI Machines

What Are MRI Scans?

An MRI (Magnetic Resource Imaging) is a radiology method that uses radio waves, a computer, and magnetism to help create an image of complete body structures. An MRI Scanner uses a tube that is surrounded by a circular magnet.

During the MRI operation, the patient is placed on a bed that’s placed into the magnet. The magnet makes a powerful magnetic field that has hydrogen atoms in proportion. After that, the atoms are released into a beam of radio waves.

This helps spin the various body components and creates a faint signal that the receiver detects by the MRI scanner’s receiver portion. The computer then processes the information and then creates an image based on its analysis.

The MRI image is detailed and is in high-resolution format. It can be used to detect tiny changes in structure within one’s body. For certain procedures, gadolinium is used to increase the image’s accuracy.

Benefits of using MRI Testing

For health reasons, MRI testing procedures have been great at diagnosing illnesses quickly and accurately. Here are some reasons why you should consider using it:


Using modern MRI technology helps accomplish what only biopsies could do in the past. This helps eliminate the need for having invasive procedures using whole-body MRI.

No Radiation

Radiation is a common thing that most patients fear when taking MRI scans. However, there is no need to worry. While medical techniques like CT and X-Rays have saved lives, these high-end equipment tend to have more exposure to vulnerable patients.

MRI Scanning is free from ionizing radiation, which makes it a good choice for people that are currently going through radiation therapy.

Catch Illnesses Early

Cancer I and II have a higher life expectancy than if it was found in Cancer IV or V stage. Using a full-body, MRI helps detect and remove tumors that are under a centimeter within diameter. If cancer is common in your family’s medical history, then having a full-body MRI test is the best available tool for you in 2019.

What Are Some of The Risks

While skeptics machine believe that the MRI machine cost and the operation procedure is expensive, but MRI scans aren’t known for having side effects. One of the main benefits of using MRI scans is their complete accuracy in finding structural issues within one’s body.

However, patients that have metallic instruments or health systems need to speak to a physician before an MRI exam. Surgical clips, metallic clips, and additional foreign materials (prosthetic devices, metallic bone plates, artificial joints) can distort the images that the MRI scanner obtains.


The MRI machine cost can be high for some, but it provides a lot of benefits when it comes to accurate illness diagnostics. It allows you to see the intricacies that are occurring within your body quickly, and then help spot the issue. This helps doctors help make you a healthy solution so that you can continue to live an enjoyable life.


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