New Year Resolutions to Improve Your Gaming

With 2019 well within our sites, it’s time to start planning the New Year’s gaming resolutions. 2018 was a stellar year for gaming fans, with the launch of scores of exciting titles, widespread adoption of mobile technology, and unprecedented advances in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality hardware and software systems. The New Year is filled with new prospects, and the gaming universe is at the forefront of fabulous new developments for players. Here are 9 innovative New Year’s resolutions to improve your gaming endeavors in 2019.

1. Pick a Reputable Gaming Platform

Gamers cover the full spectrum, from MMORPG games to bingo, casino, poker, sports betting, and e-Sports too. As a player, it’s imperative to kickstart operations on solid foundations. That means it’s a good idea to reject fly-by-night platforms with no licensing or regulation. Rather, pick a fully licensed and regulated online gaming platform with a solid reputation and framework.

2. Learn the Art of Gameplay

Gaming is more than a fun-filled activity for most serious gaming aficionados. It is a way of life. The more knowledge you have of the inner mechanics of your preferred games, the better. Learn the intricacies of leveling up, securing resources, and advancing to higher levels of play. In skill-based games, additional reading can pay off handsomely. As always, it’s best to practice as much as possible to fine-tune your skills and abilities. In games that require technical expertise such as evaluating stats, playing conditions, and team performance, it is a good idea to learn the art of the game to perform better on the field of play.

3. Try Something Different

Players often get stuck with certain games and playing styles. If you’ve never tried multiplayer gaming, 2019 may be a great opportunity for you. Or, perhaps you are a casino player who has never tried or esports? There are many opportunities to participate in spectacular esports games through betting, rather than physically competing in them.

4. Play for the Love of the Game

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – play for the love of the game! Winning is a bonus, but the experience is sacrosanct.

5. Set Time Allocations for Your Gaming

If you spent too much time playing games in 2018, and neglected your friends, family and work in the process, it’s time to make some corrections. Players routinely get fixated by their games because they are so much fun. However, everything should be balanced to avoid life imbalances.

6. Budget for Your Gaming Expenses

The New Year always brings change. Perhaps you’re thinking of starting a new job, tightening up on your expenditures, or maybe you’ve come into some money. Either way, a gaming budget is essential. Nowadays, many online games feature subscription fees, in-game purchases, or outright fees for betting activity. Whatever your budget, be sure that it is well within your means and will not encroach on necessities. When you play within a budget, you are promoting responsible gaming within your household – that’s a win-win for the New Year!

7. Get Comfortable

Take a look at the seat you’re sitting on, or the desk you’re playing at – what does it look like? Scuffed up, sagging, dirty, uncomfortable? Gaming is a fun activity and you should be as comfortable as possible. esports enthusiasts love all the lavish trappings, so should you. Invest in a plush reclining leather chair, a comfortable cushion, ergonomic keyboard, or expansive desk. These types of accouterments can really make playing more pleasurable.

8 Use Bonuses and Promotional Offers to Boost Your Stack

If you enjoy gambling games (who doesn’t?), You will want to take full advantage of the bonuses and promotional offers that online casinos, online poker rooms, and esports operators are offering. Don’t let those benefits slip away. Things like free bets, free spins, free cash, and other promotional offers are worth their weight in gold.

9. Avoid Mind-Altering Substances

Anything that unnaturally affects your perception of the world can be considered substance abuse. This includes too much Red Bull, espresso, hallucinogens, stimulants depressants, or narcotics. Keep it clean and enjoy the games with all your faculties about you!


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