NEWOLDSTAMP: New services for the new era!

NEWOLDSTAMP: New services for the new era!

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Contemporary development of economics and business demands some subtlety and inventiveness from a participant. The market grows so fast that even moneymaking companies often fall out of a stream. That is why you need some special skills to set a successful business. One of the most underestimated spheres is public relations management.

Basically, you need to create an image of your company in order to become recognizable and, therefore, effective. But what if a budget does not include massive expenses in a field of the advertisement? There is a smart and affordable solution for you – an email signature produced by!

What is an email signature?

It is a kind of HTML-based template with all necessary information included. You can easily add it to any of your letters or email accounts. How does it work? You generate an email signature and then insert it as a URL in your messages.

Who can help you? of course!
Why would you choose exactly this team? Aside from experienced staff and relatively cheap pricing, this company offers you to create your own signature free! You can choose one of the patterns for your signature and just fill in all actual information. Moreover, provides you with this email signature on an ongoing basis! Templates are clear, schematic, and can be without difficulty adjusted any time. As well, you can link every social network to your signature, which makes your self-promotion even more efficient. If you have a big enterprise and want to improve communication situation, provides customers with numerous advantages and perks. For instance, it works with popular web-based email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc.) and is straightforwardly adapted to various desktop email clients, including Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Airmail etc.

Likewise, you can send messages with inserted email signatures from your iOS- or Android-based gadgets. Official site of this young team has a worthwhile blog with a plenty of interesting and convenient articles about email signatures and other IT-related topics (hint: companies with sapid blogs are more likely to be solid and qualified). You can also find a pricing list for corporate signatures (which, aside from creatingand maintaining signature, offers custom templates and unlimited installations).