More Than 50 Pakistani Websites Got Hacked By Indian Hackers As A Revenge For Hacking Kerala Govt. Website

More Than 50 Pakistani Websites Got Hacked By Indian Hackers As A Revenge For Hacking Kerala Govt. Website

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Yesterday was a cyber war day for India and Pakistan. On Sunday, state woke up to the news that the official website of Kerala Government, a southern Indian state – was hacked allegedly by Pakistani hackers. The website had an image of burning Indian flag and messages such as Pakistan Zindabad”.

The hacked homepage also carries what appears to be identity of the hacker; “hacked” by Faisal 1337”, reads the hacked homepage, “We are Team Pak Cyber Attacker” and “Security is just an illusion”. The Home Page also contains the website address

However, hours later, the Kerala-based ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ hacked into Pak government websites, warning the pro-Pakistan hackers to “stay away from Indian cyber space”.The sites crashed by Indian hackers include, and

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Pakistani Websites Hacked

Mallu Cyber group, in their facebook page, has stated that it has defaced another four sites. The defaced page has image of burning Pakistan flag with messages ‘Better stay away from Indian Cyber Space’. The cyber attack has been named as ‘Operation Pak Cyber Space’ and the hackers have claimed that it was a payback for hacking Both Kerala government and Pakistani government are yet to restore the sites.

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Pakistani Websites Hacked

However, this is not the first time that the Mallu Cyber Soldiers has hacked Pakistan websites in retaliation. In October 2014, actor Mohanlal’s website was hacked by a group known as Cyber Warriors, who had posted several “Free Kashmir slogans” and warned Indian Army about their activities in the Kashmir valley.

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