Prezzy Card

Prezzy Card is a new online casino payment that is fast making inroads in the gambling industry. For Kiwi punters, the Prezzy Card is a blessing in more ways than one. It is a credit card that you load with funds and then use it at a Prezzy Card online casino. The card can be loaded with New Zealand Dollars and is accepted in many online casinos the world over. To purchase your Prezzy Card, you can go to a store that sells them or make an online purchase from their website. Purchasing the card online will attract a postage fee.

Where can I use Prezzy Card online? Other than casinos, the card is accepted in many stores and other commercial outlets internationally.

Whereas Prezzy Card is fairly new (it was launched in 2006) the card is owned by ePay NZ. One advantage of the card is that you load it with the specific amount of money that you wish to spend. This will help in controlling the amount of money you want to use at your favourite Prezzy Card online casino. 

Prezzy Card Fees

On buying a Prezzy Card for the first time, you will have to pay a fee of $5.95. if you order your card by post, a levy of $7.5 is charged. Should your card get lost, you will need to pay NZ $10 for a replacement Prezzy Card. If your card is international, the charges for replacement increase to $50. The number of cards you can purchase at a go is capped at a maximum of 30 cards.

If you decide to use your card to transact in foreign currencies, it will attract a 3.5% charge once the transaction is complete. An issue you have to keep in mind when using the Prezzy Card is that it has an expiry date. Any funds that have not been used at the lapse of that day are gone.

Making a Deposit or Withdrawal

To load your casino account from your Prezzy Card, you must first unlock and then register the card. From there, you can deposit the funds directly into your online casino account. Your Prezzy Card can only be loaded with $25 to $1000. An added advantage to using the card is that many online casinos will offer you a bonus once you deposit using our Prezzy Card.

Other than the regular Prezzy Card, there are Visa and MasterCard variants of the Prezzy Card. Although your online casino will not show the Prezzy logo as one of the depositing options, you will use the card where Visa or MasterCard are given as a deposit option.

You cannot withdraw your winnings using your Prezzy Card at your favourite online casino. Because the cad is pre-paid, it does not allow you to deposit funds after it has been loaded. For withdrawals, you can use your Visa credit card or any other preferred method. 

Checking Your Prezzy Card Balance

To keep track of your Prezzy Card online gambling transactions, you will need to go to their website. Click on the “Check Balance” button and input your CVV and Alternate ID details from your card. Click on the “View Now” and your card balance will be displayed. Another option is to dial 0800 450 500. Their automated phone service costs 50c while to speak to a real person will be billed at an additional.$1.5. If the balance on your Prezzy Card is not enough for the deposit you wish to make on your casino account, you can always top up the money using another deposit option. 

Prezzy Mobile on Online Casinos

The mobile phone industry has made inroads into the casino industry in a big way. Being able to access your online casino anytime and at any place is a huge convenience. For starters, mortar and brick casinos have protocols that put many people off. An example is the strict dress code required in most physical casinos.

Luckily for Prezzy Card owners, they can have their slice of the mobile casino pie. So long as an online casino has a mobile app or a mobile presence online, it is likely to accept your Prezzy Card. The most important indicator that the casino is compatible with Prezzy is whether it accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards. 

Prezzy Card FAQs

For how long can I use my Prezzy Card?

Your card is valid for 2 years from the time of purchase up to the time it expires. After the expiry date has passed, any unused money is forfeited.

Can I use my Prezzy Card abroad?

Of course, you can. The card can be used in outlets that bear the Visa and MasterCard logo in any part of the world. Can you use Prezzy Card online? Absolutely, and not just for gambling or purchasing goods. 

Can I use my Prezzy Card to withdraw money from an ATM?

Prezzy Card is a credit card and can only be loaded with cash at the point of sale. It cannot be used at an ATM.

How do I activate my card once it is mailed to me?

The person who sells the card to you is supposed to give you a 4-digit activation code. Once you get the code, you will need to go to the Prezzy website and use the code to unlock the card. Once the card is unlocked, how to use Prezzy Card online is simple.


The Prezzy Card is a very good fit for the online casino punter. It is not only super safe but it has the added advantage of being versatile. You can use it for a wide range of transactions and it is accepted where Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Using the card helps you take control of your expenditure while not exposing your personal information.

Its limitations are on making withdrawals from your casino account as well as having an expiry date. All in all, Prezzy Card is an excellent choice to fund your online casino activities. Alternative to Prezzy includes PaySafe card, ecoPayz, Skrill, eCheck and PayPal.


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