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Trending hacking news that rolling last 2 months was about Ashley Madison hack.Ashley Madison is the one of the popular adult dating website which got hacked by a group of hackers called The Impact Team on July 2015.And millions of accounts were compromised and most people became members of cheating spouse gang.

When data from the massive Ashley Madison hack first leaked online, one tiny bright spot was that researchers said the company appeared to use a strong algorithm to encrypt users’ passwords. But now a group of anonymous crackers now claim that they were able to decipher 11 million passwords  because programming errors in how that encryption was applied left the information less secure than originally thought.

Crackers from CynoSure Prime explained that the strong encryption algorithm the site used to hide user passwords since 2012 wasn’t applied to older passwords which account for about 11 million of 36 million passwords.The flaw allowed the 16-man team to crack open considerably more passwords than cyber security experts managed to do.  Ashley Madison security team used a method that requires a hacker to run 4,096 attempts of hashing for every password before finding a match to it and crack it. With this encryption method, cracking a single password is a slow and painful process with little odds of success.But the CynoSure Prime team found a back door. They identified a variable of the MD5 hash in the code prior to June 2012 when bcrypt was first implemented. That variable used the text version of a user password when generating the encryption code. The flaw allowed crackers to crack 11 million passwords in no time.

Moreover, CynoSure Prime also proved that you do not need expert cracking skills to break into Ashley Madison accounts since users themselves were low on imagination when trying to build a strong password.Crackers reported that Ashley Madison users’ favorite password was ‘123456’ with more than 120,000 users using it, followed by ‘12345,’ ‘password,’ ‘DEFAULT,’ and ‘123456789.’ Other passwords included ‘ashleymadison,’ ‘madison,’ ‘pussy,’ ‘hello,’ ‘monkey,’ ‘cheater,’ ‘superman,’ and ‘iloveyou.’The amzing fact is that ‘123456’ still ranks as the public’s all time favorite password. Moreover, countless data breaches in recent years were reported by users who used this incredibly simple password.

Security experts caution that predictable passwords expose your online accounts to cyber crime like no cracker does. Additionally, it is not recommended to use the same password to multiple accounts. Just think about it. If a cracker learns your master password he or she has access to all your online data and personal files.

Check out weak passwords used by number of users in the list below :

Password Number of users
123456 120511
12345 48452
password 39448
123456789 26620
qwerty 20778
12345678 14172
abc123 10869
pussy 10683
1234567 9468
696969 8801
ashley 8793
fuckme 7893
football 7872
baseball 7710
fuckyou 7458
111111 7048
1234567890 6572
ashleymadison 6213
password1 5959
madison 5219
asshole 5052
superman 5023
mustang 4865
harley 4815
654321 4729
123123 4612
hello 4425
monkey 4296
000000 4240
hockey 4191
letmein 4140
11111 4077
soccer 3936
cheater 3908
kazuga 3871
hunter 3869
shadow 3831
michael 3743
121212 3713
666666 3704
iloveyou 3671
qwertyuiop 3599
secret 3522
buster 3402
horny 3389
jordan 3368
hosts 3295
zxcvbnm 3280
asdfghjkl 3174
affair 3156
dragon 3152
987654 3123
liverpool 3087
bigdick 3058
sunshine 3058
yankees 2995
asdfg 2981
freedom 2963
batman 2935
whatever 2882
charlie 2860
fuckoff 2794
money 2686
pepper 2656
jessica 2648
asdfasdf 2617
1qaz2wsx 2609
987654321 2606
andrew 2549
qazwsx 2526
dallas 2516
55555 2501
131313 2498
abcd1234 2489
anthony 2487
steelers 2470
asdfgh 2468
jennifer 2442
killer 2407
cowboys 2403
master 2395
jordan23 2390
robert 2372
maggie 2357
looking 2333
thomas 2331
george 2330
matthew 2298
7777777 2294
amanda 2273
summer 2263
qwert 2263
princess 2258
ranger 2252
william 2245
corvette 2237
jackson 2227
tigger 2224
computer 2212



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