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Choosing the best spying apps for call recording can be a daunting task, owing to the fact that market is flooded with low-quality spyware. To help you out, here we have short-listed three best spy apps for call recording, so you can find a gem in these recommendations.


Xnspy.com lets you track just about anything, including phone calls, text messages, social media activities and lot more. The sleuthing program is a comprehensive solution to monitor online activities. The logging features of the app are excellent. Not only it logs all the activities, but also organizes the data so well that it becomes easier for users to find what they are looking for. With uploading preferences, you can upload desired information only. XNSPY also proffers comprehensive charts that can summarize phone activity. By using a line graph, you can easily determine how much calling and texting is happening. This could come in handy for employers who are looking to eavesdrop on cell phones at the workplace. It will let them figure out if the amount of time spent on the cell phone is exorbitant or not.

The product can also track web browsing, emails, instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Instagram, etc. You will see saved photos and videos along with Facebook Messenger activities. XNSPY can automatically record phone calls from a distant location. If that’s not enough, you can always use the ambient recording feature to eavesdrop on cell phone surroundings. The call recording feature of the app is super-efficient. The app automatically initiates the recording, so you won’t have to send any remote commands from the control panel (online account). While there is no limit on the duration of the recording, you can even record hours-long calls with XNSPY. You can even download the recorded calls to an off-site location with just a single click. Time and date stamps of the recorded calls are available to the users.

In case, you are interested in reading text messages and emails, the spying tool allows you to read the messages. The app can be used to see the stock and installed apps on the target device. In fact, it can block and delete the stored apps you deem are inappropriate for the user. Furthermore, it lets you take screenshots and note down all the passwords that appear on the target cell phone’s screen.


  • Basic Edition $8.32/month
  • Premium Edition $12.49/month


  • The app cannot take spy shots using the camera on the target phone.
  • Ambient recording feature can record for 30 minutes only after which you have to send another remote command to continue the recording.
  • You can enjoy all the features by rooting the android device.

2. TheTruthSpy

The versatile and powerful spying app helps you monitor a person from a distant location. With TheTruthSpy, you can create extensive instant alerts, track an impressive number of activities, and set up various restrictions on how the monitored person can use their device. TheTruthSpy clues you in on who the target talks to, how much time he or she spends on doing something and what they see online. You can use the app to view communication history, including calls, texts, multimedia files, installed apps, events marked on the calendar app in the device. The tracking program also lets you view web browser history and the current GPS location of the device, so you can always stay in the know of the target’s location.

Even if the target has viewed something in the browser’s incognito mode, TheTruthSpy lets you see it. The spying tool empowers the users to remotely record all incoming and outgoing phone calls from the monitored phone. It’s up to you whether you want to record all the phone calls or track specific phone numbers. All call recordings are uploaded to your online web account which can be accessed from anywhere by establishing an internet connection. You can listen to these recordings directly from the control panel or download them onto your computer to eavesdrop on them later.


  • Standard $16.99/month
  • Premium $19.99/month
  • Gold $22.99/month


  • The spying app has a limited compatibility.
  • The call recording feature works on rooted android devices.
  • GPS locator doesn’t properly work even on rooted android devices.
  • Skype and Viber history features are among other functions that didn’t work.
  • Picture history (saved videos and images) also failed to live up to the excitement promised.

3. SpyEra

SpyEra is another effective tool to obtain personal information by tracking mobile devices. The app offers diverse surveillance elements you can use to check on all the possible activities of an individual you would like to keep tabs on. It will aid you to analyze if something is going wrong in your family or business life. The software is useful for checking messages, discovering locations, keeping a watchful eye on videos and images, viewing contact list and to block potentially harmful contacts. The personal agendas registered on the calendar apps can also be accessed through this tool. One of the prominent features of the SpyEra software is the capability of overhearing live phone conversations and recording phone calls without being noticed.

The app also has a unique feature that sets it apart from other snooping apps. It has a VOIP call tracker that lets you hear instant messenger calls. With SpyEra, it won’t be a problem to hack into someone’s emails. You can read the content of the emails and look for any suspicious message that raises eyebrows. When utilizing this spyware, users can be sure they won’t get noticed as the app conceals its icon on rooted and jailbroken devices. There is no way the mobile device owner can find out about this application. Additionally, you can select the double hidden mode to double ensure that there is completely no evidence of your action.


  • Smartphone Version $389/year
  • All in One Version $489/ year


  • The app carries a very hefty price tag as compared to other spy programs.
  • It won’t let you block websites.
  • The program doesn’t allow users to define keywords and monitor specific activities.
  • After sales service is quite poor.
  • It can be installed on jailbroken devices only.
  • The program has a poor foreign language translation quality.

The Front-runner:

Keeping the price and all the pros and cons in view, XNSPY stands out as the best spying app for call recording here. That said, every person has different spying requirements and budget, so it’s up to you to decide which spy app is best for you.


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