EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 2018

It is impossible to quantify the extent of loss whenever your data is lost from your hard disk or any storage device. It could be from accidental deletion, hard disk failure, accidental formatting, a virus attack or system crush. You could also lose data through loss of a partition, raw partitioning or other ways beyond your control. Whatever the case, you need a reliable free data recovery software that can recover every byte.

There are many data recovery software in the market today with endless promises about the quality of services offered. There is a reason top corporations and firms dealing with sensitive data choose EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for all their recovery needs. One of the reasons is that it works on all devices including PCs, laptops, mobile gadgets and removable, among other storage locations.

The software works through three simple steps that are almost intuitive. There are wizards for all devices that are used for storage and could be in need of recovery. There is a wizard that is specific to PCs, memory cards, USB, and other devices like cameras, video and music players, iPods and mobile phones among others.

Step-by-Step Recovery Process:

You begin the process of recovery by launching the software from your computer. Since it is a step-by-step wizard, expert IT skills or prior data recovery experience is required. This saves on the cost of hiring a professional to recover the data for you and ensures that only you have access to the data. This guarantees privacy. Why choose EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free over the other applications?

  • Efficient and exact — it gives you a chance to scan the storage device quickly or take the deep scan to reveal the files that are recoverable. It is not always that you want to recover all the files in the storage disc. By scanning, you will choose the files you are interested in and therefore only recover the exact files of interest.
  • Clear and successful recovery — you are certain about the files to be recovered when using the software. This data recovery software goes beyond revealing the recoverable files to indicating the quality at which they will be recovered. Maintaining the quality gives you an impression that the files were not lost in the first place.
  • Flexible and time-saving — this application gives you the freedom to import and export results. Through sharing, you do not have to start the process of recovery from scratch. It also means that you do not restart the process and therefore save time during recovery.

Customized Edition:

Data recovery needs vary from one client to the other. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free gives you 2GB of data to recover that includes all types of files including pictures, videos, emails and compressed files, among others. The Pro version offers unlimited data recovery options with free lifetime upgrade and technical support. Pro+WinPE gives you all the data quantity you wish to recover with the added possibility of recovering data when the system crashes.

The software comes in all imaginable international languages. With the capacity to recover data from all types of storage devices, this is your best bet. You can try the services using the free wizard to ascertain that they meet your expectations.

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