Legal Yaar Case Management Application for Lawyers

A recent sprout in Indian Start ups – Legal Yaar got our attention when they begged the Jury Award for unique concept in StandUp India Awards 2K16. A start-up that has crossed the bootstrap level aims to establish a “Legal Ecosystem” serving different needs of lawyers by bringing in India’s first Case Management Application For Lawyers and the common man (including companies and other startups) on a single platform.

Legal Yaar brings to India the first ever Case Management Application For Lawyers and Law Firms – a SaaS based application that digitizes lawyers. Is it good, bad or just like that…lets find out.

Time For Review

The Need: Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it – that’s how we at TechLog360 define digitization, there is no replacement of technology. Digitizing lawyers is a field left untapped, so definitely Legal Yaar score on being a pioneer.

Targeting: Legal Case Management may not be of use for solo lawyers today, but it would definitely be a boon for small and large law firms.

Problem Solving: 8/10 for problem solving to Legal Yaar promise of easy and anytime access, reminder and follow up free life are well kept in the application through sms & email notifications, and their unlimited media storage would be tempting.

What’s Missing: Invoice & Accounting integrations are what Legal Yaar needs to bring on the table. Yes we are greedy.

Ease Of Use: Simple interface, pleasing colors and easy to use UX makes it user friendly. Designed the way you practice is the promise they make and live up to.

Pricing: Starting from 1,999 INR per month case management is priced moderately, we feel Legal Yaar would soon change their pricing model with premium services included.

Customer Support: Free Training, Live Chat, email are their gateways to support. A dial in number would definitely help.

With no competition to compare to, we give Legal Yaar Case Management Application for lawyers a Thumbs-Up.

Behind the stage

The lead of a co-founder is played by Anjali Wadhwani – A strategist & BPR Expert with a decade of industry experience, followed by Ramesh Wadhwani – Who brings the legal edge to the business and Sunil Rawat a serial entrepreneur and founder of Systematix Infotech in and as technology partners of Legal Yaar. A strong founders team from different areas of expertise, appreciated.

What do you think about this start up? Share your opinions here, we are waiting.


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