Sales Mobility is the future; are you there yet?

Data is 21st century’s gold and making data-driven decisions gives a competitive edge to firms over their competitors. It is also very important to take these decisions timely as a short delay can hamper your revenue. But, do you feel that your sales team spends a lot of time while traveling and needs a better way to access their performance dashboard on the go? Do you feel that such roadblocks put a full stop your business?

The world’s leading CRM has come up with wave analytics built with a mobile-first approach. The mobile-first approach empowers everyone in the team to ask questions, get quick answers, and take decisions accordingly for smoother business operations.

Wave Analytics is the next step to smoother operations, for example, the sales team is usually banging their heads into multiple Excel sheets which actually doesn’t make any sense when a person is concerned about his/her sales pipeline. The idea is not to replace Excel but to provide an interactive visual experience of the sales pipeline that can be accessed from mobile phones/tablets/other media devices. The mobile-first approach believes that media devices are primarily used by employees and promotes mobile collaboration by optimizing the platform for mobile devices.

Some unique benefits offered by Wave Analytics

  1. Data integration from multiple sources – Gone are the days when data was limited to an organization’s database only. Today, data has become very dynamic and its analysis requires a similarly dynamic approach. For example, there may be a sensor from which you wish to import data or a mobile application to track the behavior of the users. Salesforce’s Wave Analytics imports data from various sources to a single data warehouse, offering a unified and clearer view of the business.
  2. A step towards IoT – As more and more physical objects are being upgraded into digital machines, there is a strong need to integrate the data generated by them. Wave analytics offers such data integrations seamlessly and helps generate reports offering insights for better decisions. A classic example of this is the Apple Watch.
  3. Data Security – As more and more data is shared from various sources, the security of this data is also a major point of concern. Salesforce has implemented its robust security in Wave Analytics ensuring that the right person has access to the right data.
  4. Taking care of the future – Almost 50 percent of internet traffic in 2019 is found to be from mobile devices and is expected to grow in the future. With its mobile-first approach, Wave Analytics takes care of your future needs, allowing you to access important business information on the go.
  5. A win-win for the organization and employee – Work cultures have changed rapidly in the past, allowing great flexibility to employees. There is no need for a person to be actually present at the office, tethered to his desktop to get the work done. It is also found that companies actually get more work done if employees work according to their comfort zone and schedule. As salespeople are mostly traveling and meeting potential clients, it is very important for them to manage their schedule and using a mobile device allows them with such freedom, proving to be a winner for both the company and the employee.
  6. An advantage to customers – It is obvious that mobile CRM offers great flexibility to employees but it is also an advantage to the customers indirectly. A mobile CRM ensures that your customers get the service they desire. Wave Analytics feeds real-time information into the system automatically which helps the employees to provide quick and reliable information to the clients.


Being a cloud-based tool, Wave Analytics can be very effective in the present but also secures its position in the market for the future with a mobile-first approach and IoT integration.


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