Secret Features Of Youtube → Some YouTube Tricks That You Don’t Know

Youtube. — one of the most visited online video-sharing platforms. We can say that YouTube is the leader of all video-sharing websites. Every day millions of videos are uploaded and viewed on Youtube. Today we are giving some youtube tricks or tips that will make your video streaming, searching and editing of your uploaded video on Youtube more easy.

Because YouTube is visited by about  1.7 billion unique monthly visitors, with most of them spending around 24 hours viewing the platform each month, many advertisers prefer to promote their products to entice potential users. Another reason why many people love the platform so much is the plethora of content they can watch, ranging from sports, music, tutorials, and academic lectures. Because of the usefulness of videos, many people resort to a YouTube downloader to secure copies of the site’s content. 

More than that, there are so many other reasons why it’s great to hang out here. This article will dive into it. So lets go for it.


Have issues with slow video streaming? Go check the (Youtube myspeed page) and compare it with the speed of your ISP and your area.


Helps you make a playlist of all your favourite videos, and lets you watch them without having any need to keep selecting a new one every time the previous one ends. (Go To YouTube Disco )


Do some of your videos contain quality issues, such as shaky voice? Well, Youtube editor ( is the perfect thing for you. Helps you amp up your video to your own choice, if not completely but at least partially. Find music and add it up, stabilize the voices, or cut and trim the videos into transitions.


Watch videos like watching something on television. Play videos of your choice by just selecting the type of videos you want to be put up for you. Connect the television to your computer and enjoy videos on your tv. (Go To YouTube TV)


It can be really irritating to keep on selecting the video quality you want. Youtube gives you the option to set the quality type beforehand, and not have the need to do it over and over again.


If the URL of the video that is blocked in your country is{video-id}, you can access it by going to{video-id}. The full-size video will just be the cherry on your cake for such videos you get to watch.


Want to surprise someone a few seconds after they have the phone in their hand? Well, this is just the right trick for you. Add #t=XXs to the URL where XX is a variable which represents the number of seconds after which the video will start.


Search YouTube for “do the Harlem shake”, and the entire page will shake violently with the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer being played in the background. Just for fun!!


Just hold on to the space bar as you watch your video and surprise!!


Showcase your video on the internet. Make sure it’s of high quality and stream it live on YouTube with this feature.(Go To YouTube Live)

It’s always a treat to look at what’s going on within the youtube community. Just use, to have a look at what’s popular on YouTube. Select a category, play all the videos on the list and much more.

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