skype is down

Update 22/09/2015 :   A problem with Skype’s status system has been fixed, after many people were unable to use the service.Reports about Skype being unavailable started  on Monday for some users.But just after midnight on Tuesday, Skype said services had been fully restored.

Thousands of people used [p2p type=”post_tag” value=”social-network” attributes=”target=’_blank'”]social media[/p2p] on Monday to complain that they could not make calls using the Skype.Affected users are unable to change their status, start Skype calls, or see their contacts.The web version of Skype still appears to work.Skype was launched in 2003, and has more than 600 million worldwide users.

“We’re a bit overloaded right now…Please try again later, or download Skype to use it anytime,” Skype wrote on its website.

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Here are some of the tweets from users:

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The company says that instant messages and Skype for Web are working fine and that it’s working to restore the rest of its service.

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