Email Drip Campaigns Review: Perfect tool for marketing and sales automation

Email campaigns have always had a special place to catch potential clients. Previously, they used to be bulk campaigns meaning that people are bombarded with the same generalized message irrespective of whether they want to hear from you at all. Mostly, this strategy brings low results and high spam complaint rates.

Now, bulk emails are replaced with the new online marketing strategy, email drip campaigns. We offer you to have a look at this Email Drip Campaigns review and find out why it is the perfect tool for marketing and sales automation.

Drip emails are a series of pre-written emails scheduled to be sent based on customer behavior, interests, buying stage, browsing patterns, and many other factors. And email drip campaigns started replacing old bulk email campaigns with a new personalized, relevant, highly targeted time-based approach. Unlike old bulk emails, email drip campaigns are essentially relevant and are meant to nurture a customer’s experience with the company.

Why Email Drip Campaigns?

There are many powerful websites available on the internet offering email drip campaign services and is one of them. The Email Drip Campaigns tool comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop campaign editor with a set of useful features available in all the packages, even the free trial. Within the platform, you can build your own automated email campaign, from collecting email addresses to launching a complex campaign to target the prospects according to different conditions and scheduling the email sending. also provides real-time stats so you will always know if the campaign works well.

Start with Email Drip Campaigns

Before starting your first email drip campaign, you have to add all your client’s emails to the web app. For that, go to the Prospects tab. Here, you can add new email lists according to different categories. also provides some extra tools to find emails on the internet — like a Google Chrome extension to collect emails from websites and LinkedIn, domain and boolean search in the web application.

Snovio Email Drip Campaigns

After adding emails and their verification, the next step is the creation of the first email drip campaign. For that go to the Email Drip Campaigns tab in the menu and tap the New drip campaign button.

Snovio Email Drip Campaigns

Now, you can see the elegant and clean easy-to-use drag-and-drop campaign editor of Email Drip Campaigns.

Snovio Email Drip Campaigns

In the editor, on the left sidebar, provide the campaign name, then add an email account (either Gmail or other SMTP). And at the bottom of the sidebar, you can schedule the campaign. On the right sidebar, choose the email list you added earlier that you want to target for this particular campaign.

Now to the main area, the drag-and-drop editor itself. On the right of the interface, you can see five components – Start, Email, Trigger, Delay, and Goal. And these are the main pillars of your campaign with each having their own specialty and importance.

Start is the first element in the field and it only appears once at the beginning of the campaign. Click the Start element and in the open sidebar on the right choose the list to send the campaign to.

Email is the most important component in your drip campaign. With Email, you can create messages with lots of modifications: change the font, add links, attach files (up to 10 MB), use email templates, etc. To activate the message field, drag the Email element just below the Start, connect them with a line and tap on the Email element to create a message.

Snovio Email Drip Campaigns

The Trigger element allows you to create elaborate email sequences based on the recipient’s actions. In the Email Drip Campaigns, you can add two types of triggers — Email Opened and Link Clicked. The trigger activates as soon as the recipient of the message performs a certain action. The next step of the campaign activates according to the action. Once the trigger and its duration are added, the Yes or No flow will be activated according to the action.

Snovio Email Drip Campaigns

The Delay element creates natural pauses between emails if the triggers are activated right away, spacing them evenly in a way that won’t annoy your recipients. It can be added either after an email or after the trigger.

Snovio Email Drip Campaigns

Goal is the last element added at the end of the campaign. Here, you can define the goal you are trying to achieve with your campaign. Once the campaign ends, you can see how many times this particular goal was reached and by which prospects.

Snovio Email Drip Campaigns

Once you’ve built your campaign, click the Save&Start button on the left sidebar bottom and relax. Also, autosaves retrieves the last draft of the campaign next time if you accidentally left the campaign window without saving. if you are still confused check out the detailed tutorial here and also check their knowledgebase.


Unlike other drip email campaign tools, provides a user-friendly yet powerful service to take your marketing to the next level. Using Email Drip Campaigns you don’t have to worry about the risk of getting spammed and losing your precious subscribers.

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