Talking underwater made easy for professional divers

One of the most difficult things to do underwater is communicating with partner diver. You need to use hand signals or wear a full-face mask. Hand signals are limited to simple commands like those that we need to ascend or we have reached targeted depth. Most divers use hand signals very well. A full-face mask, on the other hand, allow you to wear a microphone and transmitter but it is not easy. Another difficult thing is to keep track underwater is time how long the dive has been? This is not a problem now a day. With improvements in manufacturing and use of exotic materials, watchmakers have to outspan excellent diving watches. One such watchmaker is zenith, Zenith watches are true craftsmanship that combines sophisticated movement and accuracy.

Today with the help of latest technology and science, Casio has developed a small device called Logosease that a diver can wear on its mouth and start talking with a fellow diver. Logosease is the world’s first underwater two-way radio. Divers can communicate at a distance of 45 feet from each other and a depth of 130 feet.

This radio works with ultrasound. There is a bone conduction microphone that collects the vibrations made by sends’ voice and sends it to fellow diver with the use of ultrasound, Senders device catches the vibrations and a bone conduction speaker converts the vibrations back to sound. However, both drivers must face each other while using this device. This is the only limitation, which in a few years will be removed. Logosease is by no mean a device that any diver can buy. It is currently available for $1500. You can try your luck at eBay and may find it under $1000. When you buy it, you will get a set of these devices.

Logosease is approved to be used by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) in their training. PADI is the world’s leading scuba diving organization that trains divers. Now professional divers do not need to rely on hand signals.

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